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11 Apr 2010
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They are wrong because of what you believe in.
It is an objective truth. In another word, it depends on your stances.
They may not be wrong if society recognize them as common practices (i.e. legitmacy).
You are wrong if they are authorities

Colors are red. Blood are red.
Once your passions in bood turned out to be red, it isn't a color anymore.
There are peace in demonstrations.
People died for a race. They worth.
People died for themselves. It's personal.
Ones can only seek politicans in history, not the newspapers.
They worth or not?
Plains in our minds is an emotion. It comforts you with the sense of happiness in future

Wealth gaps are expanding.
Human are becoming more likely to be animals because of over-population

"Political ideology" is a word given to a movement.
Their ideals are interests. No matter how large the "(i)deals" are.
Ideology was built inside such a small planet

It's a nation. Young men wanna make themselves in history.
Time goes, history left them a name.
They replace it by a timeline. They are a group

Voices are struggles of men.
Voices are yelling from the crowds.
Voices are whispering among beings

Voices are silent in suppressions.
Voices are loudest in darknesses.
Voices are spreading in these moments

Voices are voices from the men.
Voices are voices from the man.
Voices are voices from the God

This is an ever-lasting story; a glorified history of our kind.
It's the sound(s) of the world; spreading endlessly in the holy mist of our Gods.
A small planet is no longer divided.
All religions become a plate.
Then, it's the time for the final stage of EVOLUTION.
A world of unity... as a young man can se

However, it's silence. It may end in "silence"

If silence itself is the triumph of the peace,
the whole world (our planet Earth) become "a silence" (a hospital).