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18 Sep 2010

Rethinking the Position of Human Being in the Universe and Our Relationships with the Earth

Human beings are only LIFE CYCLES of this planet.
We have nowhere else to go except the cytoplasm (staying inside the Earth).
The distances between each living planet are the natural mechanism to keep the LIFE CYCLES from other forms of living.
The LIFE CYCLES will eventually come to an end.

Evolution has given human beings intelligence. It does not change our nature.
The natural role as the life cycles has decided our future. As every single life passed away before or after our births, we have no choices but to face the death. Everything in this universe begins and ends in the timeline. The clear evidences are revealed by the nearby planets force us to face this desperate truth. Our short civilization which has only lasted for few thousand years have blinded our philosophers and scientists. Ones must realize that “Life has a start. There must be an end.” Religions are opium. They help us to escape from reality but keep us away from contributions. The truth will wake people awareness towards the worsening environment (i.e. the polluted cytoplasm). We have to follow our natural role (i.e. the life cycles) to keep the EARTH from harms. The choices between environmental protection and economic interests are so simple. The former one must come first.
The cytoplasm is the only place of residence for the entire human race.
We poisoned it and shall have nowhere else to go.

Great! Finally have some responses from you guys.

Every day I read the daily news, the figure of deaths from malnutrition and other causes are astonishing. Human beings as the nature of life cycles are pushing the limit of the Earth. The life cycles will eventually come to an end. This is an inevitable cost for every living thing.

"Ignore what history teaches, and do it again."

Absolutely correct. Our civilization has only lasted for 5,000 years at maximum. The rigid technology in the past has stopped us from realizing the true nature of our presence. The hierarchies of lives in our universe have decided our position and such physical constraints cannot be overcome. Undoubtedly, the truth is quite depressing. The main point is to face these problems directly, without escape from reality e.g. spiritual needs. Aging can only be slowdown. To achieve this, we have to protect the remaining vegetation and stop polluting the cytoplasm. It is the only place for our residence from the beginning of our evolutionary history until now. The natural role of human beings as “life cycles” is ironic. By applying simple biological principles onto the Earth and comparing the structure of the Earth with the cell, we have the clues how the hierarchies of lives work from microscopic life forms to the whole universe layer by layer.

My illustrations are aimed at inspiring your ways of thinking.

"The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance." Albert Einstein

The comparisons between the basic life unit (the mother cell) and the Earth give us a concrete idea on how the whole natural mechanism works.

I always think that discovery is a rebellion to the rests.
The worst situation is that the audiences are too scientific.
Below are data for your references:
World population in 2025 is expected to reach 8.039 billion (UNFPA) and around two-thirds 5.359 billion will suffer from medium to high water stress (UN 1997)

What do you think?
The Earth is only a starting point for human race
OR this cradle of lives is actually a-live?

Many thanks for your reply.
It is not a *misleading* comparison.
First, the natural mechanism works in microscopic scale can also be applied onto the Earth (as we look upon it as a biological entity).
When the consumptions of the biosphere are greater than recovery, aging (desertification) occurs. The biosphere is the life cycles of this giant organism. The scattered pattern of deserts (which being identified by the ecologists as the long term imbalance of the local ecosystems) cannot be separated. Meanwhile, the form of reproduction which being carried out inside can also be internal cell divisions. This natural phenomenon can occasionally be found in some marine life forms.
The similarities of lives inspire us of how the whole planet works. The distances between each living planet keep their "life cycles (biosphere)" to live according to the natural role.
Second, the word "scientific" refers to their professionals. In some sense, it is no different from "arrogance".
Third, the effects of droughts and famine in history cannot be multiplied by the rapid world population growth. Around two-thirds will face water stress in 2025 and 925 million are facing famine right now. 24,000 children die every day in 2008 (SOWC). This is much different from before. This forecast is being supported by UN statistics. We did not have 5 billion people facing water stress in history.
Last but not least, human ancestor emerged 10,000 years ago. Morality is no different from the bible. It takes estimated 4.5 billion years for the Earth to be involved with all these. Our civilization (5,000 years at maximum) has no match with the evolutionary history of the Earth.
Finally, all religions are heritages caused by backwardness and reluctances of information in the past. The bible is the creation of the God. The God told us that he/she will take us by whatsoever methods. In fact, we are indivisible. The God is always with us. The power of the God can either violate the natural rules or distort the time.
An idiom "Deceiving oneself is deceiving the others."
Humankind and the God, a supreme being without any natural rule, are doing the same.
It is no different from suicide. Trashing our world and murdering our children.
This is the truth in every planet if my hypothesis works.
If nobody speaks out, our world is already mentally dead.
This billion-year-old creature is mentally ill if she thinks all those lies can hide her wrongdoings.
The God manipulates our world by religious sects and myths in the past.
It transformed into psychology in the big cities nowadays.
The rural areas keep unrest and remain backward.
The God (or such a presence equivalent to this) is leading us to the blink of extinction
The only way to end all these mistakes is to disclose the truth.
We change the world by changing their ways of thinking.

As a born human, I detect something from your reply too.
A Christian should not be an identity to those who forget others who suffering from proverty, malnutritions and diseases.
How can the God be "all-good" if there are 1 billion people living in chronic hunger and 24,000 children die every day?
Again "deceiving oneself is to deceive others".
My fear is that the God and the so-called "followers (whatever the religions)" are going too far to glorify the God as an ideal but blind to immediate crisis such as water stress which 5 billion people will face in 2025.

The main reason account for religions being bulwarks to our future is that they deny themselves as heritages.
They are undoubtedly heritages from the human misconception of this manipulating subject in the past.
Even atheists realize the presence of the God (or such a presence equivalent to this subject) because the survival of religions. Instead of spiritual needs, the unexplained phenomenon often being look upon as miracle. In Catholic, they call them witnesses of the God. It continues today even the spacecraft can leave the atmosphere right now.

The problems of all religions come from their influences on our ways of thinking. They make us a fool and lack of awareness towards the relationship between the Earth and us.

First, we put any hypothesis aside. Humankind is undoubtedly a part of the BIOSPHERE. However, the religious beliefs blur our definition of lives. They keep us away from the truth. For example, many of them have the practices of burying the deaths. This is ridiculous to see we are burying the biosphere because we are a part of it. The burning of corpses does not work too because it also stop them from entering the life cycles of the Earth again.

Second, many brilliant ideas you can observe on the streets around the world nowadays. The cleaner sweep all the leaves into garbage. These fallen leaves have to be recycled. Moreover, the throwing away of kitchen wastes is no different from suicide. They should either trap them deep inside the landfills or burn them all. The recycle networks must focus on the biomass. Recycling of other materials may consume much more energy and release pollutants such as CO2. It may be better for them to go directly to the landfills. However, the biomass is different. Once the recovery of the biosphere is slower than its consumptions, aging (desertification) occur.

We must have a clear mindset that we are only the LIFE CYCLES of the Earth and understand how the whole mechanism (esp. biosphere) works. You can have a skyscraper up to 180 storeys, but there is not a single hamburger inside. You can have the space station on the orbit, but you have nothing to do with it without the yearly supplies from the Earth. The nature of lives and the definition of the biosphere as the LIFE CYCLES of the Earth must be reinforced. The traditional concept “the God” in every religion is stopping us to think in a more rational way towards our world (this planet). It misleads the public and minimizes our chances of survivals.

It is not only a personal world view. This new cosmology definitely related with all of us and I did it in purpose for wakening the public awareness toward our speedy aging planet Earth.

The consumption of the biosphere is much greater than its regeneration. As some of you may know, the regenerations of the Earth do not come out all of a sudden. The life cycles of the Earth is determined by the biosphere. The greatest mistake that human has ever made is burying the biomass. We are a part of the biosphere. Our arrogance keeps us unnoticed of our natural role in this planet. Distance between each living planet is a natural mechanism to prevent us from choosing other forms of living. We are still the life cycles of the Earth today. Many scientists think we can migrant to other planets and make ourselves self-sufficient there because they successfully land on the moon. However, things are completely different for changing the atmosphere of other planets. As you may know, desertification is still unrecoverable. Technology is not the solution to everything. There are many constraints to settle in the space. For instance, the gravity in other planets is completely different. Recently, there are reports that the weightlessness in space makes their muscle lose being doubled of their ages. Second, the astronauts cannot live without the supplies from the Earth. That is the reason account for our fatal mistake of burying the biomass. Third, the GE of human for the purpose of space migration which recommended in the Mars Constellation is no different from doing god’s work. It arouses hot debates of morality and it creates creatures that likely to be human but actually they are not. In the whole, the greenhouse project to transform the Mars into a planet suitable for habitats will never work.

Look at the below data.

"A landing on Mars will follow, and I expect to be around to see it"
President Obama addressed the Orion Mars Constellation 2030

"By 2025, it's estimated that about two thirds of the world population [the number should be 5.359 billion with reference to the predictions by UNFPA 2008] will live in areas facing moderate to severe water stress." UN 1997

By realizing our natural role as the life cycles of the Earth, we can put all of our efforts in reducing our consumptions. The recycle networks must focus on the biomass. Although it cannot make money, it really counts for saving your children. Within 15 years, we are running out of clean water supplies. Do not be misled by the vast ocean water. It costs double of waste water reuse. To be more specific, the distillation of ocean water is only a survival kit. It cannot help much in large scale water shortages.

That is the reason why we have to let the public to realize how serious the problem will be. The first step is to let the public to understand our natural role and realize that death is an inevitable cost for every living thing. The life cycles of the Earth will eventually come to an end like any other planets. We do not need to worry about the public panic because we have nowhere else to go anyway.