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12 Feb 2010
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You pointed out “Out of nothing comes nothing”. Then lives are everything. Everything “a-live”. The universe is consisted of lives in different hierarchies. One was born out of an existing live form. The origin is so close. You are inside the origin of lives

Physical presence always takes the lead (Realism). Motion refers to physics. It changes the forms of existence, but it cannot trash it. Once it was trashed, life ends.

Energy released from physical movements. Atom (existence) is the prerequisite. Energy can be released by burning of substances e.g. the sun. Light is only an expression. It is the sole energy intake of the Earth

The existence of the God in all religions is the Earth. It is a unity. The humankind is part of it (the biosphere). Our natural role is the “life cycles”. Then the region responsible for thinking refers to the nucleus (the core). The God should be seen as a whole – the Earth. We are indivisible and the physical differences between us have created most of the religions and so-called “miracles”

I repeat, "The physical presence of the God is the Earth.

If my assumption is correct, there is a Chinese idiom perfectly fit the current situation

Calling a Stag the Horse (Pin-yin: Zhi Lu Wei Ma)
Our world (the Earth) is a classic in this universe

Maybe Our World is too small ~ Teru Wong

An intelligence first cause (or Creationism) does not exist.
"All lives come from existing lives."
The nature of lives explains everything in the universe.

You (human beings) are one of them.
You were born unintentionally. Nobody has informed you beforehead.
That is the reason why our world (the Earth) was created out of "intelligence first causes"

Creationists create(d) our future.
Creationists that make sense are inventors

The minds of the God are limiting our progresses.
The God (or such a subject equivalent) are indivisible with all of us and have overwhelming gifted power from birth (a higher level of lives).
Evolution has given us higher intelligence. It did not change our natural role

Try to relate it with Galileo.
It is a joke at first, one of the greatest discoveries at last

I repeat, "The physical presence of the God is the Earth. Religions are (valuable) heritages derived from our physical differences. The nature role of humankind is the life cycle of this planet.

You think I am now a joke, but I am telling you the nature of lives (as well as our universe)

Discovery is a rebellion to the rests ~ Teru Wong