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3 Sep 2010
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I can. For premise 2

Desires come from self-consciousnesses. Species with higher intelligence have an intention to be more self-conscious. A relatively high degree of self-consciousness can be described as selfish. It depends on comparisons. Like morality, it is a common agreement of the people at the time being.

The desires of being admired and glorified in order to achieve satisfactions (happiness) are horrible. For instance, we glorified the God including the Catholic with adjectives “all-good”, “merciful” and “almighty”. By the breakthroughs in information technology and news media, we know that we have WARS at least 499 women were raped in Congo DR last month, POVERTY a billion people have malnutrition and PAIN 50,000 children forced to beg on the streets in Senegal Africa.

A subject (put aside the arguments on presence first) worshipped by all religions – “the God” – is eternally happy with our worshipping without realizing the TRUTH that people are suffering from her ideals and persuade people preparing for an afterlife when they are only 21, which is an average life span of the Africans. The natural desire to be eternally happy becomes a mental illness.

You have the God and the one I am talking about is the same.
The God can never be “the God” – an ideal of morality in this case.
She is only an illusion if she keeps her desires (religions)

Anyone else deny this point?
The desire to be “eternally happy” is an insane.

This insane idea comes up with the desires.
Religions should have already become valuable heritages completely in this stage.
It is an inevitable result of our technological advancement.
It is logically a natural course of human history.
There must be some forces (the Catholic may refer to the power of the God) to prevent it from happening.
Desires belong to all level of living things if lives have hierarchies.
You suggest that people suffering now would be compensated in their afterlife.
Sometimes, deceiving yourself is the first step to deceiving others.
Faith is not an excuse.
As you can see, the great numbers of suffering on the Earth are supported by data

Quote "reggieM": I agree with your observation and concern here. In a scientistic view, religion should have disappeared long ago -- it can barely be explained at all. But the opposite has happened. This is inexplicable except for the existence of some unnamed "forces" -- or the Catholic view, which seems more reasonable, that God has created religion as integral to human culture. God did that for a reason.

Religions are valuable heritages from both the God and our ancestor. They were derived from our differences. The lack of knowledge in the past prevented our ancestors from understanding the “reality” (our world / this planet). Hence, many interpretations of the Gods by the religions are their imaginations. As history goes on, the nature of religions changed into organizations or official institutions. Conflicts among political parties and countries usually had close ties with them. After entering the age of industrializations, the influence of religions has almost been eliminated. However, the prolonged regional peace and the international conflicts in some regions have driven the world into camps. The former one e.g. Hong Kong created a spawn for the God (the manipulator / a higher level of lives) to spread religions by her unique form of presence. The latter is a common identity for countries in international conflicts. To be more specific, religions are no longer healthy to our world. They cannot save us from food and water crisis and help us to cope with the overpopulation worldwide. We need only charities and other NGOs to (3) minimize the cost of administrations and (2) unite the religious groups to act against the growing stress bought by over-population and worsening global environment. (1) By realizing the real physical presence of the God is exactly the Earth, it allows the public to make their minds clear. Life has a start. There must be an end. We then understand how serious environmental problems can be. The process of aging i.e. desertification (the permanent removal of living tissues) can only be slowdown.

Quote "reggieM": That's an interesting observation. We could ask where hierarchies come from also. Categorizations, for example, of individuals is something that occurs outside of the limits of physical-nature. It's non-material.

If it is “non-material”, the God is only an ideal and exists in your imaginations only. The denial of the physical nature of this subject is actually an escape from reality.

Quote "reggieM": I'm very open to any scientific evidence you might have that proves my suggestion to be false. If people are compensated in the afterlife, then that is a fact, not a deception. Nobody can criticize things that do not exist.

Remember the King’s clothes? Soul unseen. Dead bodies not. We have the heaven on the Earth.

Quote "reggieM": Do you accept the scientific evidence which evaluates the quality and quantity of suffering that Christ endured? Along with that, how about the theological evidence that explains why Christ endured the suffering that He embraced?... the study could continue on the subject of the Martyrs of the Coliseum for example. How much did they suffer? Why did they suffer? What did suffering mean to them?

I saw 1 billion people in hunger, 30,000 detained without trials and tortured in NATO camp in Iraq. By the way, we have a priest wants to burn Koran and the Muslims burnt Bible.

How much they suffer from the nonsense?
We have only a small and fragile planet.

Life is short. Eternal happiness laid on unrealistic ideas.
It goes too far from reality, which you can see daily in every news media.
Almost everyone who gets access to internet is now, in some sense, omniscient.
We cannot read people's thoughts though.
However, we know what is happening all around the world.
And the world never likes the promises in the Holy Bible.
The scripts are written billion years later than the creation of the Earth and lasted for 2,000 years. It is already a heritage.
Faith is an escape from facts.
We don't know is it the God to enforce her own will on us or some of us want to escape from reality or it is an excuse to unite power camps in international conflicts.
Religions are valuable heritage.
It is unhealthy if anyone fails to realize the truth.
The manipulator makes us laugh at the scientists (who ever has scientific minds can be one of those) and forces us to admit her well beings in a world with 1 billion people in hunger (according to the FAO).
Torturing refers to both physical and mental.
The manipulations from the God (a higher level of lives / with a very high level of intelligence) stopped us from telling others her true presence.
If human beings are "life cycles" of this planet from a biological perspective,
all lives must have ended inside.
The situation is similar to the slaves in pyramid.
Eye witness of the God remains doubt.
You can be one of those who hear the God’s words.
If the God does not admit her true presence and only keep “silence”,
she will only be an illusion in our world forever.
This would be a curse from the God herself.
It is very upset to see a billion-year-old living thing to go so wrong.
We all know the truth.
We are interconnected with the God and must have contact with her at least once in our life.
If everyone afraid of telling the truth, our world / this planet will be the greatest joke in our universe. I strongly believe in it.
Everyone tells lies about their actual view on the God and follow the words of our ancestors (religions).
They have not enough knowledge to understand the real presence of the God in the ancient time. We fix it with FAITH.
It is the greatest mistake ever.
There are no surprises that lives have hierarchies.
The physical presence of the God is the Earth and human beings (the whole Biosphere) are her "life cycles"
Nobody can deny something it is the truth.
Come on and argue with it.
It does not like SOUL (the King’s Clothes / the Emperor's New Clothes).
You can question on the basic principles of this scientific hypothesis.

I am not concerned about being “the joke of the universe” because our world (the Earth) is already a joke.

First, technology is mature enough to figure out the real presence of the subject manipulating the world. By applying basic principles of biology and the advancement in whole-cell biology, we can have a clue how microscopic life forms reveal the hierarchies of lives in our universe. They are all similar but in different scales. If we compare human beings (to be more specific, I am referring to the Biosphere) as “life cycles”, the structure of this giant organism (or Supreme Being) will be revealed. I stress again that it is not a new religion, deism or pantheism. The hierarchy of lives is a logical explanation to our origin. All life comes from the existing lives. A higher level of lives gives birth to the lower levels in layered structure. Then our whole universe is a living being. The thinking regions (a central nerve system in living organisms on the Earth) must be found in every living thing. Otherwise, they are only living tissues. It can be a new form of metaphysics and a new cosmology based on science. The rigid in our technology avoid us from intruding the mantle (i.e. chromatin) from reaching the core (the nucleus). We can have a more simple comparison in the Atmosphere & Hydrosphere (cytoplasm). Biosphere is the life cycles. The evolution of the species is actually a process of growth of the planet herself. Nothing out of the circle. The life cycles will eventually come to an end. Be noted that “reproduction” are also counted as life cycles. It can be carried out inside the body even in some species found inside the Earth. The permanent removal of the living tissues (biomass) is a process of aging. We refer it to “desertification” which cannot be recovered. It can only be slowdown. It does not violate the principles of biology. In fact, we have to compare our civilizations (3,000 years of written history) with the age of the Earth (4.5 billion years old). It makes us clear of our position in this planet and it is very close to “life cycles”. The oldest man is only 122 (with proofs) and the Earth stands a billion years. After reading the above flow of minds, you may have a clue why religions are heritages. They come up only 2,000 years. There is 4 billion years ahead. I have no doubt that I have a breakthrough in cosmology by putting forward my scientific hypothesis. Time will show its validity.

Second, you are avoiding my question. Many wonder why the God created the world with pains and asked us to serve for an afterlife. I have no offenses to the followers of the God, but I am questioning the God herself. It is very likely that the God has her power from birth and used this gifted power to create religions. The God herself is a part of this giant living entity. In which, we refer it to the universe. The conflicts between human decisions (allow me to name it as fate) and the will of the God (destinies) come up from natural role from the very beginning. It is a very logical explanation for the unsolved questions of the pains many are suffering from. Physical constraints cannot be held. The God is interconnected with us mentally and physically, but natural rules cannot be broken. Hence, the God is also innocent. Undoubtedly, the God has to take up some of the responsibilities since she is eternal to all of us. The whole system of our world has failed. We have to admit it. Again, please do not void my question. If the God only exists in your imaginations support by FAITH (which I considered it not as a logical reason – I strongly believe in what I believed and being written in scriptures a thousand year ago), the God is only an ideal.  The real presence (which account for the start of many religions) must be the Earth herself. She is our mother cell and the manipulator (the nucleus) of this world. Why not dare to speak out? It is a breakthrough in our cosmology and a NEW understanding of the true nature of the universe that we may able to prove its validity in our future.

Third, I admit that religions have it merit inside. Mortality taught by almost all religions give us a guide to behave. However, the merits limited to our moral codes not until it started to stop us from searching for reality. It is not healthy if it prevents science and philosophy to advance. It is a progress of human beings, as a part of this planet (our world). We have already found our origin. It is so close and we are already inside. The point is to increase public awareness of our true presence. It allows us to rethink our position in this planet and helps to push birth control policy and increase our efforts in establishing and improve our recycle networks.

It is the end of all religions and the final stage for entering the era of rationality.
Faith does not help to feed the hunger. Our recognitions of being a part of our world help to save humanity. If scientists and philosophers refuse to admit a new cosmology based on scientific illustrations, they have betrayed their identities.

Truth is always one. No one is always true.
Desires come from birth.
Arguments come up with different stances. It depends on horizons.

The joke laid on the nature of science and philosophy. They are both searching for the truth but not to please the God and those who have faiths. The field of technology avoids it not because of their professions. They failed to round up all the things to get a final conclusion which close to the nature of our world and the presence of the subject as the manipulator (the God)

The hierarchies of lives are not only categorizations. It has deepened our understandings on the nature of lives. Science does not depend on values. Our perceptions cannot disturb the reality of the outside world

The concept of perfections is an ideal. This subject (as Catholic named her “the God”) must exist in reality. Nobody has faith can deny the presence of this subject since it is a part of their religions. If the God does not really exist, their religions are only spiritual. Then it has no ways to influence philosophy and science

The God (in all religions) is actually the conscious EARTH. Lives have hierarchies. The presence of the central nerve systems make clear of the definitions of living things. Be noted that the God (including in Catholic) is “OMNISCIENT”. The presence of single-Len eyes and stomachs in coral reefs and jellyfish do not necessarily imply them as the living things but living tissues instead. You can refer to my whole set of theories in my websites. It is not a belief but one of the actual possibilities to find out all the myths in religions. “Lives in different levels” is something really different from other assumptions before. If you read through all the things and refer it to your daily life, you may have a clue what is the role of religions in our world and how they actually work. Psychology is a tool for manipulation. There are “no worries to find a suitable pretext if you would like to find fault with someone”. The God manipulate the world by changing our perceptions over matters and often involved in inappropriate behaviors such as torturing (both mental and physical) to achieve her ideals. No matter how her initial motives are, she has failed us and distorted our world. Everyone is like a small piece of puzzles and we try to fix ourselves into a general picture to become the world we are now living in. The approaches by the God are incorrect. The conflicts between the God and human beings have resulted in great pains. Many people are forced to enter the “silence”. Others suffer from poverty and hunger (it is used to be thirst now). I am telling my observations from the reality not the books. It sounds nothing by quoting people’s words. You may share the same comment with me if you read the daily news. By the way, you have to understand that our so-called world only restricted inside the EARTH from the very beginning of history until now

Thank you. I have no offenses but putting forward a new cosmology by gaining attentions. I am a part of our world and I would like to contribute by telling the truth (limited to my knowledge). However, my words are very straight-forward and sincere. I do not sigh and mourn for the deaths. I am telling you the figures of deaths. I do not admire or condemn the God. I am telling you her presence and the approaches of manipulations. The well-beings and wrongdoings of the God are happening every day around us. The daily news is the reality of our world

Philosophy and science have to be loyal to knowledge (reality / truth). If the possibilities that the hierarchies of lives exist, ones must have to speak out. Otherwise, the “life cycles” of the EARTH (a Supreme Being without violating any natural rules / a higher level of lives) may come to an end faster. In another word, we are murdering our children’s future. We continue to give birth even we know that they must all be dead. It is not a responsible behaviour

The ideas of good and evil cannot be implied on desires.

Sorry for my typing errors "OMNIFICENT" should be "OMNISCIENT"

The God (including the Catholic) must be omniscient

As mentioned above, the internet has granted us the same ability. Not including reading people thoughts, of course

By the way, you can have the brief summary in

Desires can be explained by science, through experiments conducted on our nervous systems. A higher intelligence gives rise to self-consciousness. It diversified after reaching the equilibrium. Selfishness is a relative concept. Desires of being worshipped come from minds. It first requires a self-identity.

Sorry for my silly mistake again.

I am using the free online dictionary in Yahoo! Hong Kong

"OMNIFICENT" is no different from "OMNISCIENT"

However, the below data cannot be mistakes

[1] World population in 2025 reaches 8.039 billion (UNFPA) and around two-thirds (5.359 billion) will suffer from medium to severe water stress (UN 1997)

[2] 8.8 million under five deaths in 2008. Around 24,000 children (aged under five) die every day. (SOWC)

Can the God still be "all-good"?

Religions are important because it is a topic for unexplained phenomenon. It is an unexplored territory. Scientists named it as knowledge.

Without the real presence of the God, religions can no longer survive today. The continuity of religions is also a proof for the presence of this subject. My stance is clear. This subject who manipulates our world from the very beginning is not exactly the religions have claimed to be.

If I care about being a joke, I will not stand up to defend for what I truly believe in. The truth behind every religion can change the direction of our thinking and must be the very first step to delay the time. Life has a start. There must be an end. The key point in my hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels” is that human beings are only life cycles of this planet. Then (if you are smart enough) we immediate come to a conclusion that every planet is a single world and all lives end with it.

Desires may come from physical needs.
Desires of being admired and glorified also count.
What happen if the God has such desires?

Catholic was also born to be human. As a member of this fragile planet, their sympathy is also a driven force for them to feed the hungry.
What are the purposes of religions if we already have this common identity?