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17 Oct 2010
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The struggles between determinism and randomness always come to the same conclusion.
Determinism trend to have subjective selection of information received (Psychology).
Randomness favors the scientific minds (e.g. Darwinism – everyone was born to be).
Randomness prevails

The manipulation of the God, which I strongly believed in and repeated endlessly, comes from the natural role. The interconnection between the God (the cell nucleus and the mother cell) and the humankind (a part of the biosphere – Life Cycles of this planet) must be solid. The physical connections allow us to have communications. The gifted power of the God comes from birth. Free Will (our minds generated by the thinking regions / central nerve systems) allows us to have random despite of the God’s will

Discovery is a rebellion to the rests. I guess many people were making jokes on Galileo when he was still a little nobody confronting the authorities (the teachings of the churches). “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” My scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels” reveals the true nature of lives. The hierarchy of lives has given us the concrete idea on how the universe works (the natural rules). This discovery is a natural course in human history because of the bloom of knowledge and the technological breakthroughs. Religions are too weak to convince our new generations in the scientific era. The existence of the God is correspondent to the cell nucleus. There must be oppositions when someone comes up with a new cosmology (or I have to say, it is more likely to be a discovery). The relationship between the God (Conscious Earth) and the humankind become much clearer. Human is undoubtedly a part of the biosphere and we are the “LIFE CYCLES (including reproduction with regards to its biological meanings)” of this planet.