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15 Apr 2010

A Chinese Idiom: "If you want to find fault with someone, there's no need to worry about finding a suitable pretext.

The God manipulated our world by the gifted power from birth.
Confession is the salvation for our afterlife.
However, soul does not exist. We have a scientific explanation for all living things - the presence of a central nerve system.
Besides, neuroscience has given us the definitions of “consciousness

Manipulation by increasing the tensions among boundaries
Manipulation by establishing different religions
Manipulation by stressing on the importance cultur

Thus, we have cultural differences and language burdens.
Thus, we have bias against others because of religions and races.
Thus, we have no ways to escape from her manipulations

Can torturing be the best way to settle our arguments?
Everyone has to confess; even many of us know there are no soul (no ghosts as well).
The God is the only source of all supernatural power on the Earth (angels, demons and ghosts etc.) They all appear in the same way. It’s not a mystery anymore.
In the modern era, more and more of us understand the truth behind the churches because of our advanced technology

Why the God is trying to pull the clock back?
It’s already too late

What will be written on our history about this period?
At the time being, some people already realize the truth that “the Earth is a supreme being” is a logical direction of science while many people are still being ostriches

We have to start the discussions on this topic.
The clock cannot be turned back. We can no longer ignore the truth

The God in your heart is only an imagination.
The God in the Holy Bible is only a character in the book.
The God in reality is a supreme being, which can be explained by science

The reputation of the God has to be decided by our actions today.