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15 Apr 2009
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Scientists claim that the universe is made up of 70% of “Dark Matters”, which its components remain a myth.
1. “Vacuum” occupied space.
2. “Nothing” is a term describing non-existence and it does not require any space.
Conclusion: Physical presence always takes the lead.

Imaginations let us travel.
Minds can be “vacuum”. They are being generated by our brains.
Your minds may have “nothing” inside. It is a concept

We have philosophy of science in the past. It is a branch to understand our outside world (reality). Nowadays, science is advanced enough for us to understand the true presence of the “God” in all religions. The traditional concept of the God derived from the physical differences. The progresses in whole-cell biology allow us to explore the true presence of the God (including the Catholic). Compare the Earth with a mother cell. It is a completely new form of metaphysics. Assume the Earth is a conscious living being. Lives have hierarchies. A higher level of lives gives birth to the lower ones. The burning of substances (correspond to the human consumptions of resources on this planet) is a rearing behavior. Meanwhile, the reproduction carried out inside a living thing of this Supreme Being (the God) is similar to metabolism carried out inside every single cell. Then all lives share similarities from the microscopic scale to our whole universe. This is a complete new set of theories linking up everything in our universe. Natural rules are the rules for everything. For instance, the concept of creation of the Earth (i.e. Birth) is already one of the concepts of living things. Lives are lives in different levels.