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09 Aug 2010
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Consciousness grows with higher intelligence.
(Capacity of Our Brains)

However, the size of the brains does not necessarily represent a higher intelligence. For instance, your head is bigger than mine. It doesn't mean you are smarter.

Philosophy must stick to reality.
Science is one of the branches.

The below article is a reference.

Alison Motluk, Size Isn't Everything: The Big Brain Myth
NewScientist vol.2771; available at

"In the past, such differences were explained away by the fact that larger brains are attached to larger bodies, the assumption being that the bigger an animal, the larger the individual neurons in its brain, meaning fewer of them can be packed into any given brain volume. It was also assumed that the bigger the brain, the more space was taken up with the hardware for transmission in the form of longer, thicker and better insulated neural pathways. As a result, a 65-kilogram capybara might still have far less raw mental processing power than a 4-kilogram capuchin monkey."

Consciousness only comes with higher intelligent species.
For instance, the sea shell is almost unconscious.

Philosophy are not imaginations.
Otherwises, you are novelists.

It isn't the case in the past.
It should not be now.
It will never be in the future.

Why afraid of tackling science?
Lives have hierarchies. A higher level of lives gives birth to the lower one and the natural rules are the rules of everything.

BIRTH (start; beginning)
GROWTH (development; to grow)
AGING (decaying; to decline)
DEATH (the end; to be destroyed)

Time is a thread to link all the factors up and it is linear.

The differences in physical presence created imaginations.
Religions were being established and become valuable heritages now.
Technology has already exposed the true presence of the God.
It gives us a new understanding of lives and our universe.

From the Above
As a result, a 65-kilogram philosopher might still have far less raw mental processing power than a 4-kilogram capuchin monkey.