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23 May 2010

"Binding energy is the mechanical energy required to disassemble a whole into separate parts. A bound system has typically a lower potential energy than its constituent parts; this is what keeps the system together. The usual convention is that this corresponds to a positive binding energy." (wiki

By applying the laws in a microscopical scale onto our universe, we have many inspirations. As I mentioned previously, we compare the Earth with a cell. Please refer my scientific hypothesis "Lives in Different Levels". The whole-cell biology and neuroscience have given us a new understanding of how the neutron control the cell activities. A supreme being WITHOUT violating any natural rules is a logical way of science

A cell is much more complicated than we have expected.
"Where living cells are not subservient nanobots, they respond and take decisions" Brian J. Ford (New Scientists 24 April 2010) "We are still like the Wright Brothers, putting pieces of wood and paper together." Luis Serrano (Nature,vol.463)
Hence, it may help us to find out the mysteries of our universe

What happened if the universe is a “mother cell”?
Cell divisions carried out as a process of growth and a form of reproductions. The presence of a brain is a decisive factor to define the offspring – a result of her reproduction. Lives have hierarchies. A higher level of lives gives birth to the lower levels. Reproduction carried out inside and they are also her life cycles

Natural rules (i.e. birth, growth and death) are applicable in all levels of lives (the universe – a mother cell, the planet – i.e. our planet Earth, a mother cell to all of us – and animals, evolution of species is also a process of growth of the planet as well as a form of reproduction)

By combing the Law of Conservation of Mass and my scientific hypothesis Lives in Different Levels, we have discovered a new vision of our universe. The former one has illustrated how the mass works in a closed system. In this case, we compare our planet Earth with such a closed system and get to a conclusion immediately that the mass on this planet would never be destroyed. To be more specific, the regeneration of our planet can be infinite theoretically. However, it becomes more complicated after the introduction of my scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels”. The Earth is a supreme being (without violating any natural rules). The binding energy shall not be counted because “system mass is not conserved in this process because the system is not closed during the binding process”. (wiki) This force of disassembling matter helps to carry out the regenerations of our universe. Hence, the regeneration of the Earth is not infinite. By applying “Lives in Different Levels”, our universe is a mother cell – or I have to say – a living being, the procedure of reassembling this planet has been taken place also as the regeneration of the universe. The situation is similar to the one of dissolving (disassembling) a corpse by bacteria on the Earth. The “Conservation of Mass” illustrated that the corpse (or matter) cannot be destroyed totally but they turned out to become other forms. This process is also known as the regeneration of our planet. Accordingly, it refers to the “life cycles” of the Earth in my hypothesis. Then, the universe which is a living thing in a higher level can also dissolved the planets (i.e. a relatively lower level of lives) by binding energy and transformed them into a new one. It is very likely to be a natural mechanism, which the binding energy is dissolving the dead planets in the solar system. Respectively, the “regenerations” or the “life cycles” of the universe (i.e. a mother cell) are not infinite. Under my scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels”, the whole universe is actually a mother cell (i.e. a living being) and hierarchies of lives do not sorely depend on our intelligence. The differences in the physical presences among different levels of living things are much larger than this sense. In another word, the whole world is actually a living entity. Instead of the old thinking that the regenerations of the Earth are infinite, my scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels” implies that the “remains” of planets can be disassembled by binding energy. For every living thing, it must go through the natural process of creation (by birth), growth (i.e. evolution) and death, which is equivalent to a total extinction of the planets. Meanwhile, the higher level of lives (the mother cell – both the universe and planets) dissolved the mass (our remains) and put them back and give birth to (or create) new living things. In which, we call them regenerations (i.e. their life cycles in my scientific hypothesis). It helps us to understand more about the formation of new planets and the natural mechanism / the operations of our universe

The temperature in other planets are hints.
“The gravitational binding energy of an object consisting of loose material, held together by gravity alone, is the amount of energy required to pull all of the material apart, to infinity. It is also the amount of energy that is liberated (usually in the form of heat) during the accretion of such an object from material falling from infinity.” (wiki

This process is very likely to peel the planets’ atmospheres (see Dwarf Planets e.g. Pluto) in order to disassemble them. Meanwhile, the natural satellites may also being produced in the same way.

What can we do if the environment on the Earth continued to be worsen?
"It's a rock. We can mirgant to a bigger one."
The Earth isn't a place with street name, neither a Dwarf planet.
"It's a rock for newbies, especially outsiders."
Your arrogance is giving the human race a final blow. We have not much time left. Look at the satellite.
"What I care about is a space journey."
It won't take you home. Space race is history. For what purposes to risk your families and go for advantages. It isn't scientific at all.
"I repeat, 'it's a rock'."
Your arrogance has bought resentment and history will give you a judgement. What happened if the universe is acting the role similar to a mother cell?
"Then we're all dying and you have gone too far."
Creationist in history creates our future. Creationists that makes sense are inventors. Bias are obstacles

Teru Wong
Our universe has never been so easy before.

I know you may call me "Ci-na". I hope you would not because it is a racial discrimination, which is not allowed in this forum

Your link is only an assumption

Compare the Earth with a cell. Atmosphere is the cytoplasm and "life cycles" are being carried out by "animals", which have central nerve systems (i.e. brains). Plants are living tissues, which carry out "metabolism". The significance of my hypothesis is that it has put the whole-cell biology and the universe together

Think about this: The universe is a "mother cell". It carries out "cell divisions". It is a process of growth as well as reproduction. Compare the structures of the planet with a cell. This is a natural mechanism of hierarchies. Higher levels of lives give birth to the lower ones. Besides, it has fully illustrated the origin and development of our universe. In which, natural rules are rules in everything. The universe is a magnified cell

The importance of this hypothesis is to show us that death is an inevitable cost for every living thing. It destroys the imagination of an after-life of the religions. Moreover, it tells us that the total extinction is ironic because our planet Earth is actually a supreme being without violating any natural rules

"A landing on Mars will follow, and I expect to be around to see it"
President Obama addressed the Orion Mars Constellation 203

"By 2025, it's estimated that about two thirds of the world population will live in areas facing moderate to severe water stress." (UN 1997

Our planet Earth is too small for so many races and religions.
Look at the satellite images. It is only a small planet.
We’re a big family; and I hope my English is easy enough for you to understand.

The Earth intakes energy from sunlight. The above has described its structure. The similarities of lives range from the mini scale (a cell) to the mega one (the Earth)

Cell divisions can be internal. It is also known as a process of growth

Lives have hierarchies. Birth, growth and death are natural process of lives. Hence, an afterlife is impossible. Religions are heritages derived from the differences in physical presences in-between the conscious earth (or – I have to say - a supreme being) and the human being

Evolution of this planet from simplicity to complexity is the origin for all races.
Please let the people take a look at our small planet

We have a population of approximately 6.8 billion in mid of this year.
We paved our planet earth with concrete and claim that it is a MODERN city.
What the hell are we doing

With reference to our statics, we have five children died of hunger and water-related diseases every 20 seconds.
Is money everything?
Could we buy our children food and water in the coming decade

We have a merciful god in almost every religion, but our children are dying of thirst and hunger.
We have a space station, but there are only a few astronauts inside.
People are dying on this planet – be noted that desertification cannot be recovered. You can double check on net

“The Earth is a supreme being” must be a possible direction in science.
If it is the TRUTH, we are actually murdering ourselves

Think Twice: Compare the structure of the Earth with a cell. It is reasonable to believe that the first cells (maybe in the form of bacteria) belong to the Earth at the very beginning. In another word, it is in fact a being. Consider the atmosphere as the cytoplasm, which all the life cycles run there. Two streams rise later during the evolution: (1) Plants – as living tissues – to carry out metabolism (2) Animals- as offspring – the reproduction of this higher level of living things

Both are the “life cycles” of our conscious earth. The neurons carry information (similar to our RNA / DNA). In this case, we have to look upon the system as a whole. Cell divisions of the universe – it is a mother cell – created planets by reproduction. The mechanism is hierarchical. Both “life cycles” and “reproductions” are being carried out inside by “plants” and “animals” as stated above. Hence, the universe must not be infinite. Similar to our understandings of the Earth in 1700s, “the earth is a supreme being” has become a possible way of science in the modern era

Teru Wong
We are heading the same direction – For a Better World


origin wrote: "We have a merciful god in almost every religion, but our children are dying of thirst and hunger. Wow that doesn't seem very meriful, does it?"

If her physical presence has been exposed by our modern technology, the illusions of the God (as in every religion) would come to an end.

origin wrote: "Yes, strange isn't it, it almost seems like we are all going to die eventually."

Deserts come and deserts go. Desertification cannot be recovered. All measures are experimental.

origin wrote: “I think you meant science fiction."

It’s absolutely not. Otherwise, where the Earth comes from? It is hard to believe in mysterious power such as the God in every religion.
It is hard to believe that scientists still believe in Genesis rather than applying the principles of the whole-cell biology into the Earth.

Before that, we are already dead.

Kristin H. Berry, The Desert Tortoise Recovery Plan: An Ambitious Effort to Conserve Biodiversity in the Mojave and Colorado Deserts of the United States, U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, available at

ABSTRACT: In 1990 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) listed the desert tortoise, Gopherus agassizii, as “Threatened” over 30% of its geographic range and shortly thereafter selected a team to develop a plan for its recovery. The team developed a hypothesis-driven recovery plan, using population viability analyses and principles of reserve design. The Desert Tortoise (Mojave Population) Recovery Plan is designed to achieve a 50% probability of survival for the tortoise for 500 years.

Besides, the Arctic Ice Cap is melting and would disappear in 20 years. Do you know how many years can such a thickness of ice record? Scientists use them to study the history of climate changes in the period of billions of years. Please take this serious. It is not a temporary changes on landscapes.

Please refer to the quotation of the same book: Stanley, Earth System History, pg . 452-3.
“This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Please improve this article if you can. (March 2010)”
It takes time for me to read his book and double check with its validity.

Even if it is the case, the Earth cannot survive until the time it recovered.
Look at the birth rate and the size of the world’s population.
It is the FACT.

If the rate of recovery cannot cover the (daily) consumptions, the Earth start to decay (i.e. equivalent to aging).

The physical presence of this supreme being tell us one rule:
Life has a start. There must be an end.
There are no heavens, no afterlife. Religions are heritages only.

If it’s the truth, blood is written in our history.
Confession of the truth is a MUST in our history; if we still have time.

It is estimated that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old. The belief in asteroid is only an assumption. Furthermore, the atmosphere is a natural mechanism and it does not come out from none.

Chemicals inside planets (it refers to a giant organism with regards to my hypothesis) can be interchanged. Hence, they take different forms. Density of these planets in our solar system depends on the pressure they generated on their own, which is a force to dissolve their remains for returning them to the life cycles of the universe (i.e. a mother cell). However, the LIVING ORGANISMS (i.e. what we commonly regard as "the first cell" - yet I am not referring to this assumption specifically) cannot be transformed unlimitedly. Therefore, it is much closer to the metabolism inside our bodies.

By Referring to the Above

Compare the planet Earth with a mother cell.
Cell divisions carried out internally. It is a process of growth.
After a certain period of time, organisms with a central nerve system (i.e. equivalent to the  brains). We named it as evolution, which actually is also a process of reproduction.

Hence, it diversified into two main streams – plants (living tissues) and animals (offspring of the earth, a supreme being / a organism in a higher level). Please be noted that fungi and coral reefs are put under the category of living tissues (plants).

Both are the life cycles, which are carrying out the metabolism. Energy input comes from sunlight.

When the speed of consumptions are greater than “her” recovery, aging (i.e. equivalent to decaying in biology).
After all, every organism has to come over the NATURAL process – creation (by BIRTH), GROWTH (i.e. evolution of the planet earth “herself”) and DEATH. A higher level of lives (i.e. a mother cell) gives birth to the lower ones (by reproduction). Lives have hierarchies.

I am very confident that my scientific hypothesis “Lives in Different Levels” must become very important in the future. It is a clear thread to search for the origin of our universe. The only way to achieve this goal is to gather information by analysing numerous related scientific findings. It is a huge project. I understand people are doubtful in this moment. However, I strongly believe that history will give me a justified answer.

“Reputation's an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit, and lost without deserving.” - William Shakespeare

It is a contribution to the world (our planet earth).
It isn’t the matter of money.  It is a MUST in our history.
It is a breakthrough.

Please do not make any prejudgment by my qualifications; else you would be blinded by your arrogance.
I repeat, “It is SCIENCE.”

"Please explain some more. Did the early Earth have an atmosphere ? How did the atmosphere come to exist on Earth ?"
No scientists can answer these questions. The formation of the atmosphere is still a myth. I don't think he want the answers.

"What evidence supports your assertion?"

My efforts in proving and developing my scientific hypothesis "Lives in Different Levels" are still carrying on.