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One again, I would like to put forward my scientific hypothesis which can fully explain the natural roles and the relationships between the human beings and the God. By referring to your question above, the conflicts between the Free Will and the God exist from the very beginning of our world (this planet) up to now. The natural role of the God is a manipulator (i.e. equivalent to the nuclei in every single cell) I am herewith referring to the principles of lives from microscopic scale to the entire universe, which consists of living things in different hierarchies (levels). Than human beings (as well as the Biosphere) are given intelligence by the gift of birth and the result of evolution through billions of years [Be noted that all our religions adding up our history only last for 5,000 years. As you often admire them as “wisdom”, they do not necessarily equal to the truth.] Physical presence always takes the lead. The thinking regions (our brains) decided our Free Will. Hence, the God and human beings can coexist. A higher level of lives is the manipulator of our world. She is also the mother cell. Reproduction occurred in every living thing and they are her offspring. At the same time, they can be her “life cycles” – in another word, she is the manipulator

The conflicts between Free Will (decisions of human beings) and the God’s will (destinies) often become tragedies. Conflicts arouse because of increasing self-consciousness as human intelligence grows. Finally, technology allows us to rethink our position in the world. Our life span only lasted 122 at maximum (other higher records probably lack of evidences). With compare to the estimated 4.5 years of the Earth, our life is too short. Tragedy comes from desires to stay long-life. Imaginations become a tool to comfort each other. The God is a concept derived from the lack of understandings of the outside world (reality) in the ancient time. As a higher level of lives, the God have a much higher intelligence and “omnisciently all-knowing”. The non-resistible power of the God is actually a gift from birth. The manipulations never end. Religions soon become the bridge between the two. The God failed to tell us about her true presence because of the indivisibility. People are limited to their knowledge at that time. Soon the God uses her unique presence to spread religions in the modern era. However, it often turned out to be tragedy. The witnesses of the Church can be evidences for the real presence of the God. Those refuse to compromise become mentally ill. Science is too rigid to find out the true presence of the God because no one can enter the mantle (i.e. corresponding to chromatin of the cells, which protected the nucleus from harm). However, advances in microbiology and neuroscience give us a clue of how lives work in a microscopic scale. The structure of the cells can be applied onto the Earth. By adding my scientific hypothesis, the definitions of lives can be widened

1. The universe burns her substances to emit sunlight – the only energy intake of the planets – it is a rearing behaviour of the highest level of lives (limited to our knowledge nowadays). It is similar to the self-consuming of the Earth to rear us

2. The input of sunlight is transformed by the lichens and plants which are living tissues of the Earth to input them into the life cycles (Biosphere) of this planet. The thinking regions (central nerve systems and our brains) decided the differences between living tissues and the offspring. The former one provides energy and food (as the base of the food chain) to the offspring. Then we have a clear thread that the thinking regions (from the offspring up to the Earth) are necessary for every living thing. Instead, those without the thinking regions are only living tissues. Hence lives have hierarchies . The universe is a living being and all lives come from existing lives

3. The life cycles of every living thing will come to an end eventually. In another word, we all dead. Life has a start. There must be an end. It is the ironic rule for everything around us. From a can of food to ourselves, natural rules are the rules for everything. The truth is hard. Accept it by rationality. Science and philosophy will be missing a great piece of puzzles if we fail to recognize the true presence of the God. This subject – the manipulator of our world – is actually interconnected with us. The God is actually a giant being – the conscious Earth. It is not a new religion, deism or pantheisms. This is a scientific comparison between the most basic unit of life and the universe

Newton found gravity in an apple in Oxford.
Witnesses of the Church can be evidences of the conscious Earth.
It depends on your horizons

I have a new angle.
Lives have hierarchies. Lives are lives in different levels.

People tell.
History shows.
It speaks because time is short

If some of you already know, don’t be afraid.
It is a development caused by our modern technology and it's the necessary course of history

For a Better World
Teru Wong

"Churro the Viscous" wrote:You didn't address the question. I'm sure you thought you did. You kinda danced around it, didn't answer it.

The relationships between the God and the human beings are coexistence and indivisibility. It started from the very beginning as every other species. A higher level of lives reproduces (reproductions can also be counted as “life cycles” from biological prospective) and manipulates our world (this planet / the real presence of the God). The thinking regions (central nerve systems / our brains) give us intelligence. As intelligence grows in the Evolution, self-consciousness increases. Free Will becomes overwhelmingly important. Hence, conflicts with the God become more intense. The struggle between the will of the God and the decisions of humankind created “destinies”. Allow me to call the choices made by human beings as “fates”. The interactions between “destinies” and “fates” have drafted our history and created the world nowadays

Above are the reasons which account for the existence of Free Will under the condition "the God is omnisciently all-knowing". Free Will are restricted to a certain extent. Destinies come from the God

Even though not everyone accept my philosophy (to be more specific, it is a scientific hypothesis), it has illustrated our world in a very systematical way. It exposed the myths of many religions. Everyone has own perceptions because of different backgrounds and education. However, they must all be interconnected with the God. The geographical locations have leaded them to different religions. Others may argue that the connections with the God are psychological symptoms only. As I mentioned in this thread, the witnesses of the Churches can be used as evidences for the presence of the subject I referring to – the Earth is a Supreme Being without violating any natural rules. Then lives have hierarchies. A higher level of lives gives birth to the lower ones. We immediately come to a conclusion that the universe is a living being. We may compare it to a mother cell to rethink about the position of human beings. It is rather a logical explanation of our world.

I regard it as a contribution to allow others to understand the reality (our world). To fully understand it, we must apply modern technological breakthroughs. Carrots (facts) before the horse distract it (philosopher) from the reality. Reality is all around us. For instance, neuroscience has already solved the myths of "consciousness". Philosophy must be based on facts. It does not come for facts

No one is always true. Truth is always one.
It is a natural course of history for our future developments

Philosophy can be a tool. It is being used to expand and spread the facts.
The tool is A NEW PHILOSOPHY if the fact that it relies on has never been discovered

The hierarchy of lives is similar to a pyramid. The world (the earth) is no longer segments.