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03 Feb 2010
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The God is only a traditional cause for everything remain doubful and unexplained.
The God is not something never appear in any form or shape because of his/her unique form(s) of presences.
The God is never the collective thoughts (minds) of every living organism on the Earth as he/she may have talked about

The Cross is a sin, but it has been forgiven.
The Cross is a manipulation. It's a tool for establishment of spiritual beliefs.
Nevertheless, the Cross is a useful tool for creating morale standards and a world of his/his ideals

It may be coherent to the desires (of the God) to be glorified and admired.
In which, details cannot be tracked.
It is not useful to control ones' desires because innocents are dead for undefined purposes

Original Sin does not exist.
By referring to a Chinese idiom, "If you want to find fault with someone, there's no need to worry about finding a suitable pretext.

Nobody was intended to born

[Controversy] The action of the God (a Conscious Earth) is more likely to be a natural behavior of rearing the offspring.
In another word, it's more likely to be an action of fulfilling her natural role

"Unconditional Love" may not be the case if he/she want anything as reward.
It's the case if the God want nothing back from you.
Furthermore, religions are tools for teaching you to become a respectable gentleman/lady

This question has revealed the fact that the God is a "living thing" because the idea of gender can only be applied on this category. Otherwise, it's nonsense.