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02 Nov 2007
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"Nothing" exists only if someone existed.
Self-consiciousness allows us to create this concept.
"Have-not (nothing)" is an opposite to "have"; and it exists not only in reality.
It's also in our minds

Once something existed, it must turn into our so-called "nothing" finally.
However, the whole thing is a unity.
A man is dead. His remains would be decayed.
However, they're still inside the unity (this planet).
A being inside another -- a cycle for all those inside this unity.

Our "cause-and-effects" are living and buried together.
We're a FAMILY.
Modern technology has given us a new scope of our universe.

Telescopes make the Earth no longer the center.
“All truths are easy to understand once they're discovered; the point is to discover them.” Galileo (1564-1642)
Satellites give us the image of a supreme being.
The Holy Bible teaches our children about history

"Nothing is impossible" because of our imaginations.
"Live and Death" is a very simple question at the beginning.
Lives (in different levels) are everything we have in this universe.

Pointless is only an opposite. Oppositions allow us to think.
Any rival can be a peaceful neighbor.
"When lips are dying, the day for tooth would not be far." -- Quotations are useful if they worth

Our existences are worthless if it costs "nothing".
Time consumes our lives. Life is consuming.
Even time was wasted, our lives still worth "something"

Meanings of life are not necessarily a common value

Philosophy isn't "something" in books. It's a-live.
If not, it costs "nothing". However, it still worths.
It worths more if you can keep it growing

Dying in a pool of quotations never makes you worth in our history.
Let's make ourselves worth (something) more!

The universe is expanding because our instruments cannot find the boundaries.
The universe has been reported leaking because of our conceptual mistake

We cannot define it is leaking unless the boundary was found

Science has its limits because of rigid technology.
Science is a way of thinking
If you can prove something by facts, you are already a scientist

The universe is infinite because we have reached our limits in science.
We fail to reach the boundaries of the universe.
Imaginations let us travel.