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02 Nov 2007
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And then philosophy should not be high sounding "nothing".
Without the facts, all the empty talks are novels.
Once philosophers are thinkers.
Now they are novelists

Who stopped us from being "real"?
The God has granted us freedom of speech.
Our intelligence is a gift from birth

Our luck allows us to live in a safer place than the third world.
Our technology allows us to connect to internet and share our ideas.
Then why not speak out

From when, philosophy become history?
Talking about the glories of philosophers in the past and quoting their words

Are you afraid of being laughed of

without courages to stand up for what you believe in, to tell others what you are thinking of.
You are mudering our world if you do not contribute.
You are mudering philosophy if you afraid of being odd

That's what I suggest "Lives are lives in different levels."
Teru Wong

If the nature of "nothing" is a concept, any other expressions are empty talks only

If "nothing" exists
Then "nothing" becomes "nothing".
The former one refers to a subject.
The latter one refers to a "concept"

According to Einstein's Law of Conservation of Mass, "nothing" is only a concept.
"Mass cannot be created/destroyed, although it may be rearranged in space, and changed into different types of particles."
Everything is made up of particles. You can break them down, but you cannot totally destroy them

For instance, you burn a wood. It released carbon dioxide and resulted in ashes.
They will not become “nothing”.
Gases also occupy spaces

Hence, Aristotle's Law of Identity is incorrect

If philosophy does not aim at searching for the truth, it does not stand for the truth,
its starting point has already collapsed.
Then it is not knowledge. They become novels

If Black can be white, our world is only an illusion.
If philosophy refuses to admit the truth, it is already dead.
Our world would be so distorted that we are moving far away from the goal in the very beginning when our civilizations first emerged.