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25 Feb 2010
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If evolution did occur, it's not likely to be the case that we have Adam and Eve in reality. Symbolic meanings can be found. As the nature allow us to have different gender, we come to a conclusion that all lives share common characteristics immediately. Evolution allows us to have a higher intelligence because of the complicated structure of brains. Different opinions have created conflicts in-between the God (a subject that manipulated our world from the very beginning of time) and human beings. Therefore, orginal sins simply do not exist. By referring to a Chinese idiom, "If you want to find fault with someone, there's no need to worry about finding a suitable pretext." This seems more likely to be an excuse for manipulation

Every coin has both sides. Yet our thoughts (minds) are very decisive in judging the matters. Morality is a standard varies in different periods and places. It was developed from the common ground of our communities. Not a single subject has a stance absolutely correct. Hence, we have no choices but to compromise with each other. Even a subject that are capable of mainpulating our world, he/she is changing from time to time. Eternity is only a concept in our minds. It's similar to "infinity". Time is the descive factor for both living or non-living things. Decaying (aging) keeps us alive

"Original Sins" come from birth and we end it with our death. Life is an on-going process. The beliefs in souls remain doubtful. Think in the following directions: (1) Physical damages can corrupt our memory whilst "memory lost with aging" isn't an intrusive disease; (2) Bees have natural behaviors of rearing their offspring. Does existence of "Love" really the decisive factor for human souls? No matter it was a good intention (a comfort) or not, the existence of such a god-like subject is definitely the origin of these debates

Evolution can be a miracle. Meanwhile, it can also be a process of growth of the entire planet herself theorectically.