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17 Jul 2010
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“Huw” wrote: If you want to talk about what's harmful to the environment, think how much waste a single human produces in there life time. I think I earn the right to use carrier bags by not having children! Anyway, give me a green alternative instead and I will use that. I use boxes when possible at the supermarket.

Ecological Footprint
Every single human uses biological resources in there life time
Plastic Recycling Facts
"Plastic bags and other plastic garbage thrown into the ocean kill as many as 1,000,000 sea creatures every year"
Some argue that recycling plastic bags consume much more energy than landfills. Others point out the recycling bags takes more raw materials to produce. It only makes the matter worse since many producers often attract their customers by giving out recycling bags free.
People always compare human beings with bacteria and parasites.
In fact, our natural role is the "life cycles" of the Earth. Be noted that it does not equal to new religion, deism and pantheism. Distances in the universe among each living planet is a natural mechanism to keep the "life cycles" work. It prevent the "life cycles" (the biosphere) from transforming to other forms of living e.g. space migrations. Meanwhile, it also prevents competitions among the living planets. The hierarchies of lives decided our presence and the power of the God is a gift from birth. Her life cycles will eventually come to an end. The higher levels of lives share similar features with her offspring. Life has a start. There must be an end. Hence, natural rules are the rules for everything.
We are the life cycles of this planet and we all share the responsibilities to protect our environment. Since aging is an inevitable process, the worsening global environment can only be slowdown. I hope all of you can understand what I am talking about. Understanding the true nature of our world is the very first and an important step to increase the public awareness towards environmental issues. Then our decisions between the environmental preservations and economic interests will not be hard. The former one must be the priority.