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11 Jun 2010
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"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."
- Einstei

Truth is not a theory of everything. It is all around us

A subject manipulated the world from the very beginning

Throughout our history, human beings are habitants in only a small planet i.e. the Earth

"My mother and brothers are those who HEAR God's word and put it into practice."
- Luke 8:2

Sounds can be silent. Silence cannot be a sound

By enforing his/her will on us, Free Will have been eliminated

The God is whispering and the whole world have already become a silence

Technology has exposed the truth, and many scientists and philosophers have nothing to do. For many clear mindsets, we understand...
science, philosophy (spirituality) and religions in such a blue dot

Truth is always one. No one is always true.

Suffering for a higher purpose is conditional exchanges.
Suffering for an afterlife is a goal driven force created by the God which is a traditional concept dervied from the differences in our physical presence.
It's no suprises that the Earth is a supreme being. No matter you resent from it or not, it's a very scientific and logical answer for the start of many religions. Although many catholic condemned it as a pseduoscience, the debate must take place in the possible future. Times cannot be turned back. The concept of God is already heritage.
Suffering for gaining wealth which considered to be excessive is an evil.