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25 Jan 2010
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Slavery has other meanings nowadays

Slavery of money, a brain-washer gives us a new way of life.
Slavery of hatre, a blind turns you into a breast.
Slavery of love, a desire makes you crazy

Slavery can have many different meanings

Slavery can be a relationship in-between the two

If a god-like subject exists [It's an ironic rule for everyone who has faiths / Now it's ironic for atheists too because of her (his) physical presence as a Conscious Earth, which is a supreme being without violating any natural rule. It's the most logical reason for the occurence of lives in this planet], salvery comes from the nature.
To be more specific, it is the truth from the day we was born.

Salvery because of indivisibility.
Salvery because we have nothing to do without her manipulation.
Salvery because of both "love" and "hate" for her (his) manipulations

"Fair" is only an expression

Whether she/he (the Conscious Earth) is doing well or not, We have only one God-like subject.
Her/his standards may not be correct

We try our best to avoid talking about "reality" in such a highly modernized era. It makes us suffer from salvery of our own minds

Philosophy becomes empty speaking without reality.
Philosophy can only be a joke without comments.
Philosophy is heritage without updating

Be more open-minded

Salvery of our own thinking (minds).
Wisdom (intelligence) make us salves.
Over-population makes it intensified.
(This comes from rigidity of our resources

Salvery in an economy refers to the salvery of salaries.
Salvery is also an experience for us to grow.
Salvery can hardly be accepted by most of us

It's not a matter of forms.
It's a matter of minds.
Meanwhile, it's being restricted by physical constraints

Any attempt to intensify a certain emotion (esp. love) is an action of self-enlarging

Natural in nature, natural as always.
Naturally dead, naturally birth.
It's artifical world, but natural in beginning.
At the end, it comes to the same end

Slavery that you have mentioned above is physical constraint.