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08 Sep 2010


To start with, we have to be more open-minded to new assumptions about the true nature of our universe. The breakthroughs in modern whole-cell biology have given us the clues to the structure of our planet Earth. By structural and functional comparisons between them, we may be capable of finding out the rule of everything. Please kindly spare some time to read the paragraphs below. The truth must not be bounded by any specific subjects

First, compare the Earth with a Mother Cell.
Assume that biosphere is the “life cycles” (including reproduction) of the Earth. It carries out all the activities of the cell.
Atmosphere and hydrosphere are corresponding to the cytoplasm of the cell.
Then Ozonosphere and Exosphere are inner and outer membranes respectively.
Gravity is the force to hold the cell.
The major difference between the living tissues and the offspring laid on the presence of the brains i.e. a central nerve system, which responsible for all thinking.
It clearly defines the boundaries between living tissues of this giant organism (the Earth) and the offspring (e.g. animals – including insects, human beings etc.). The former is photosynthetic. They support the bottom of the food chains and transform the only energy in-take i.e. sunlight into her “life cycles”. In another word, light is the initial input of the biosphere. It is also a “rearing behaviors” of this giant organism to the offspring.
Afterwards, we extend the structural comparisons to the mantle and core. They are chromatin and nucleus respectively. Lithosphere is the nucleus envelope. Mantle (Chromatin ) protects the nucleus from any intrusions. According to a recent study, inner core and outer core rotate in a different speed. However, our knowledge on it is very limited. By referring to the above, the presence of the thinking region – the central nerve system in neuroscience / the brains – decides the differences between the offspring (results of reproduction and the true definition of living things) and the living tissues. The presence of the nucleus (in this case, it is correspondingly the core of our planet Earth) decides the level of lives. A higher level of lives gives birth to the others

Then we immediately come to a conclusion that lives have hierarchies. Since cell divisions can be carried out internally, it is also the process of growth of this giant organism. The universe must be a conscious living being. The layered structure decides the nature of the universe – lives in different levels. A living being started all these unconsciously. The situation is similar to all the living things in the lower levels inside the universe. All the concepts depend on the elapse of time. Natural processes such as birth, growth, aging and death can be applied to all substances in this universe. The rearing behavior of the universe is burning of its own substances i.e. the sun in our solar system. The Earth consumes her resources for human consumptions. Living tissues of the Earth transform light into her energy – like every cell carries out metabolisms – and provide her offspring with oxygen and food (as it is the base of the food chain, even until now). Hence, lives are everything in our universe

Please it is a very serious attempt to consult from all of you. I hope my hypothesis can inspire some of you esp. scientists. I have been working on it for a year and hope all of you can give me some opinions. You can refer to my list of websites and my academic portfolio in below signature for your references.
By the way, I think it is very close to the truth of our world (it stays inside this planet till now, of course).

“Darby" wrote: These are some really terrible analogies

Life has a start. There must be an end. It isn't terrible at all.
The Earth is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old.
The history of our civilizations only lasted for 5 thousand years at maximum

The origin of our world is very likely to be a living being who started all these unconsciously.
A higher level of lives gives birth to the lower ones.
The creator herself is the result of reproductions

All myths behind our world would have come to an end as the truth has been found.
Then philosophy, religions and science must have nothing to deal with.
Nobody can convert "Life & Death"

This is the end

If they don't admit the truth, philosophers and scientists are only jokers.
To please the God and the institutions but forget knowledge has to be real.

For a Better World
Teru Wong

"david23" wrote: I thought we were talking about cells and planets, why do I not see any reference to planetSSSSS

With reference to the above, the Biosphere is the "life cycles" of the Earth.

It carries out all the activities and energy uses i.e. cell metabolism in the cyctoplasm (the atmosphere and hydrosphere, it refers to the layer between the ozonosphere and the lithosphere).
To be more specific, all the living organisms on this planet including human beings are "life cycles".
The absence of living things in the planets nearby is a natural mechanism to keep the "life cycles" works. In another word, it keeps the "life cycles" from transforming to other forms of living such as migrating to another living being. Meanwhile, it can be best to be described as a non-competition policy as the result of the final stage of evolution in this universe.
As I mentioned above, lives have hierarchies. A higher level of lives (a conscious living being) started all these without purposes. The situation is similar to all of us, which are living things in the lower levels. The similarities of lives / the basic characteristics of lives remain unchanged. Birth, Growth, Aging & Death. Time is the thread to link all of them up and natural rules are the rules of everything

The above explains the role of the nearby planets has taken in this scientific hypothesis.
It fully satisfies the requirements for hierarchies of lives and the current situation of the Earth

By the way, space migrations are impossible. A few facts to keep your minds clear

First, we cannot even save desertification which is a long term imbalance of the ecosystems. It is spreading and cannot be recovered. How can we change the atmospheres of the Mars?

Second, weightlessness in the Space makes long journey impossible. Study: Astronauts Weak as 80-Year-Olds in Space, available at

Third, we have 3/4 population facing medium to heavy water stress by 2025. The Mars Constellation in 2030 will never help because these few astronauts are also risking their lives

I hope these three points can explain my main purpose for starting all these.
Biologists may help.

I think I am getting very close to the truth and that’s why I am here, to ask for the advices from all of you to improve the hypothesis

The Earth is a conscious living object which has a similar structure with the cells. Lives are everything from microscopic to the whole Cosmo. Natural rules are rules in everything. Timeline is a thread to link them all up. It can be a new form of metaphysics

Religions are heritages from both the God i.e. the Earth and the ancestor. Differences in physical presence created imaginations. These imaginations become legends and witnesses of many religions. The God portrayed herself as “all-good” and “all merciful” figure. Although the higher level of living thing has a higher intelligence, her knowledge grows with our civilizations. The main reason account for this is the indivisibilities. The natural role of the conscious Earth is similar to the nucleus of the cells. The thinking region responsible for commands of all activities of this “giant organism / living being / a living thing in a higher level” is much greater and allow her to have the abilities to process and control many “cell activities” at the same time. This has explained the physical presence of the God. For which James loveslock has failed to achieve. Hence, my scientific hypothesis “Lives in different levels” is a much more perfect illustration instead of the Gaia hypothesis

With the advancement in technology, the exposure of the physical presence of the God – i.e. the Earth, I hereby refer to – is a natural course in our history. In another word, it is a must and the final stage in the development of our planet. It is not an empty claim. Microbiology and neuroscience have given us the clues of how lives work

Please kindly read through it carefully or you can refer to anyone who may help to give advices to improve this hypothesis. If philosophers and scientists refuse to admit the truth, they are no longer the ones they used to be. They are already nothing since the main purpose and the foundation of these two subjects are searching for knowledge (truth / reality).