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A Theory of Everything is hard to believe because we divided everything into subjects

Light is the initial.
Birth is her power.
Lives are proofs

Living things in different levels is the ultimate answer to our conflicts.
- Religions are plural. The God is singular.
Lives have hierarchies.
Laws are natural rules

The universe is a higher level of living things.
She is a mother cell (supreme being), which gives birth to the lower levels (i.e. planets).
The differences in physical presence in-between the Conscious Earth and human being have created various religions

"All truths are easy to understand once they're discovered; the point is to discover them." Galileo (1564-1642)
Satellites have exposed the physical presence of the God, which in fact a supreme being without violating any natural rules.

The God in your imagination is only an illusion.
Religions are valuable heritages.
Open your eyes

Please take a look at the number of deaths below.
(1) Hunger and Related Causes: “Every six seconds a child dies because of hunger and related causes.” (SOFI 2004)
(2) Water and Related Diseases: Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease (

In order to increase public awareness of the immediate crisis of water and food shortages, we have to reunite all religions by letting them to realize the truth that the Earth is such a small planet. "Except the Earth. Nowhere else

The Earth is a sphere, which is too small for settling multiple Gods.
Remember those suffering now.
Realize the danger of food and water shortages.
"By 2025, it's estimated that about two thirds of the world population will live in areas facing moderate to severe water stress." (UN 1997

Religions have merits, only if you know how others can benefit from it

Stop Empty Talks on Souls
Look at the Satellite Images:
Count the Area of Desert

"The earth is a supreme being" is a reasonable claim

If we have sins, the sins are both.
If we admire, there are no sins.
If we confessed, the sins are the past

A glorified image as the God would not bring us charity or love.
Suppression of the truth is only an escape from the past.

A modern person was holding a globe and talking to the native tribes

"This is a supreme being. We call her as the God in the past. The differences in the physical presences have created your imaginations."
The tribes replied, "Faith cannot be offensed.

"You have no faiths when you are physically dead."
They replied, "Without religions, we're mentally dead.

"Without religions, we may save you and your children from physically dead."
They replied, "There aren't 'no ideologies' at the beginning and end of time and space.

"Yes. We're soon going to an end if we continue our daily consumptions. Our children are running out of food and water. I respect religions as valuable heritages and I believe they have plenty of merits. However, they are obstacles for the public to realize our hardships (e.g. the worsening global environment caused by over-population and poor recycle networks). It is our first step.

"By 2025, it's estimated that about two thirds of the world population will live in areas facing moderate to severe water stress." (UN 1997)
"I only believe that which can be measured. The number of deaths can be measured.

The God who only want to be worshipped by people and letting them died of hunger and thirst must not be the one we have expected

"Stop worshipping the globe now!"

True Love depends on our actions.
Accordingly, abortion would be needed if the world's population keeps going.
Otherwise, we are soon running out of resources

Religions have merits and I admit that they are valuable heritages.
However, we have to ask the churches to come into real actions.
Instead of empty talks on souls, we have to put our efforts on environmental problems

By the way, you have to understand where the drugs come from.
We both assume that the God (a subject that manipulate everything) exists.
Then, where do the drugs come from

Free Wills would not give you the drugs.
If we have sins, the sins are both.
We all know the truth. It is something you can see.

Accordingly, it "seems to be" a global issue. I repeat, religions are one of the obstcales. They stops many people from realizing the facts that we are facing the risk of a mass extinction. It is obviously a threat to human beings as well


If the world's population continues to grow, it would be a genocide to all children.
In the name of love, we have no choices but to use every measure to strictly adopt birth control. Real love is an intention from bottom heart. It is not a decoration for prayers. The glorified image (i.e. the God) cannot cover our bloody history.
If the truth has been revealed in the past, we should not hesitate to admit her physical presence.

A lie lasted for the rest of life
A liar refuses confess is guilty forever
A religion lies on soul

How many people have to be suppressed before it is already too late?
We all know that the Earth is our only resort

Dead bodies are eye-catchy.
However, souls are invisible

The God is good, only if the lie (on souls) survives.
If the God has refused to confess the past mistakes, it is not a matter of good and evil.

It is the matter of time.
It is a countdown to the mass extinction (as mentioned above).
It is a matter of our children

The public failed to understand the physical presence (a conscious earth) of the God, which acts as a very serious pre-warning for everyone of us. No one can survive in the coming century

I understand my words are very offensive. I don't affraid it would affect my real life because I realize that we have not much time left

(1) Look at the satellite:
(2) Search for the keywords such as "desertification" and "water and food supply".
(3) Look at your children (you will soon find out that we have no alternatives but to support abortion and birth control).

Truth is something you can see.
Minds generated from brain.
Faith is heritage

Science is everything around you.
Philosophy must be based on truth.
Religions have merits only if you can put them into practices

Without the earth, we have nowhere to go.
We are only a "survival ball" floating in the endless universe.
We have plenty of gods, but not food and water

Admit that "the earth is a supreme being"
It is a logical way of science.
It is the very first step.