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15 March 2007
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Fate (Free Will) is the will of human beings.
We're "Individuals" at a lower level and "Groups/Communities" at a higher level

Destiny is the will of the God.
Indivisibility in-between the God and human beings, both physically and mentally.
Connections are so close that our every single action act like a thread in our civilizations, which created chain-effects.
The God, as the manipulator of our world (i.e. a cell nucleous of a Conscious Earth) and our Mother-in-common suffers from the heart struggles everyday -- the preservation of our free wills (her offspring) and the control of our civilizations (in a board sense)

This is very hard to decide the balance between the two.
This is a question that we're searching for from the very beginning

Physical presence of the brain gives us higher intelligence.
Technology makes our societies become more complicated.
Free will is flourishing. The God has her limits in controlling our societies

We're nothing without our minds (wisdom/thought).
Without free will, we're mentally dead.
Struggles in-between freedom and survivals (under the manipulation of the God) make us ill

No matter how many people become ill, we still insist. It worths.
Manipulation of our world by the God has demolished our "free will".
You're nothing without yourselves

"Life has a start. There must be an end."
History tells because time is short.
For a Better World.