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19 Aug 2010
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There would not be any freedom without Free Will.
Our brains give us higher intelligence.
It gives us consciousness (self-awareness).

The God is only an ideal.
Differences in our physical presence created imaginations.
Religions have already become valuable heritages.

Technological advancement allows us to explore the true presence of this subject.
She is actually a supreme being without violating any natural rules.
She is the conscious Earth.

Lives have hierarchies. A higher level of lives gives birth to the lower ones.
The layered structure of our universe has blinded our ancestors.
The truth is everywhere. Natural rules are rules of everything.

i. Birth (the start; to begin)
ii. Growth (development; to grow)
iii. Aging (decaying; declining)
iv. Death (the End; to be destroyed)

Time is a thread to link them up. It is linear.
This is already the truth behind all the myths in our world.

She enforces her will on us.
It often associates with abusive behaviors such as torturing (including both physical and mental suffering).
Every single events (all her well beings and wrongdoings) are being reflected inside this giant ball.

She tried her best to portray herself as the “All-good” and “Merciful” God.
Her desires to be admired and worshipped are destroying all of us.

She uses every means to control the world (the Earth).
She does not fear because she is indivisible with all of us.
She cannot get caught because she is unseen.

Justice comes late. It may never come.
Origin delayed is origin denied.

Technology allows us to communicate here, linking up citizens of the planet Earth far away from each others

"camelherder" wrote: Technology is great and I am the first to acknowledge the fact but it has a monster inside it. We create the monster and the monster says I'm your master . Another danger technology makes for the monster who kills the poet .killing the poet is very bad idea

A monster comes from the darkness. It grows out of your bottom heart. A coin has two sides. A sword has only one blade

"camelherder" wrote: Now Jesus says you do it through the selfless act of giving. The bible seems to say god created the world, saw it was good and gave it to us freely. I know exactly what Jesus wants , but it’s very hard for me to do . I can't do it.

Freedom allows us to overcome distances. Space is fun. Imaginations let us travel. It doesn’t mean that humankind can migrant to other planets. Again, human beings are only “life cycles” of this planet

Philosophy has to stick with facts. Imagination is good for literature. It is the worst philosophy.
At the same time, we can beautify our words by wisdoms. It does not necessarily make it sound or useful.
Philosophy has to be practical

Why afraid of changes? Why afraid of the truth?
The manipulator behind our world is the unseen power of the God.
The truth is surrounding us every day

You don’t need to meet the God in heaven.
The manipulator of our world is actually the cradle of lives.
That is a Supreme Being without violating natural rules

Lives are all alike, although they have hierarchies (physical differences).
Witnesses of the Church give us a clue of the presence of this Supreme Being.
Psychology is a useful tool of the GOD to enforce her will on all of us because of the population bloom in the modern era

The citizens of the Earth, as every planet once has lives existed, we have to stand up for the truth – All religions have the same God in such a small planet

Our world is only a giant ball from the very beginning. The Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old. We have the Holy Bible written only thousand years ago.