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25 Jan 2010
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Truth is singled-out, a bore one without comparisons.
A relative is not the truth itself.
Wisdoms inside diversification

Time is too long for a truth to stand.
Whilst it's diversified, the truth becomes inconvinent.
It's a depserate truth

Anarchy may not be the final stage of materialism,
coz the values we're holding are those our civilization tried our best to preserve.
Wiping out those old and inapproiate values;
Replacing those new and amazing ones

Our world is always changing

Exchanges of ideas have given us opportunities to make our world a better place for living. Diversification of ideas and concepts of our world made our world more beatiful.
Materialisms are the results from our evolution.
Humanity is always a common agreement of this unity (or our communities). It does not depend on the sizes of them

Philosophy should be real

The origin is too long to be chased.
An extinction of species is a must while life must has a spark off like a bang in our universe.
Science is a kind of philosophy, which the truth always stand on.
Philosophy will never be wiped out because we're living.
Until our last breathe, philosophy survives throughout our civilization.
Life is a process only (including time, of coz)

Everything comes out of "none".
It grows and becomes our "concepts and values" (Four Letters).
They turned out to be "none" whilst death is the end for all

Live & Death aren't rivals with each other.
They're a process only.
Our world is nothing more than that.

Truth may not be a relative speaking.
It can be scientific.
Truth in religions has their own wisdom,
although it varies from one to another

Philosophy is real only depends on the facts.
It's not something out of reality.
Our minds can create

Imagination is the worst kind of philosophy

Creativity does not come out of none.
Creators of who, whom, and for what purposes?
Creators in philosophy are traitors of knowledge

The Holy Bible is the guide of your faith.
Any offense is considered as a pagan.
I am always neutral.

Experiences grow. Memory makes us men.
Truth is rigid. It's real, not out of our minds.
It's out of our minds, but it's still real

Reality is a philosophy. Truth is a seeker in a mist.
Images in your minds are not the same with mine.
Therefore, we have different opinions

We do not cross with each other because of anything personal.
We cross with each other because of our ideas.
We are different, but one

Globalization is a phenon., it's also a trend.
Minds do not compromise, our world is mentally dead.
As a hopeful youth, watching our planet Earth dying,
we have no choices but to make others awake

Aware of the environmental issues.
However, deserts cannot be recovered.
You know one day when you wake up, you see the world is dying

Then, one shall know live and death is an inevitable process.
We're all dying in a planet (space migration is a dream only because of the atmospheres of the planet nearby, you can have the information from web or any documentary).

Philosophy becomes something else

The End, will and shall never be an end.
Fighters are everywhere.
We're not alone.

"Materialized" once you was born.
Light is a natural phenon.
Burning of ones' own (the universe) to provide necessities (sunlight) for lives to survive with. It's a pattern of rearing behaviors

The situation is similar to the planets.
Our planet Earth gives you everything we need until death.
You have to sacrifice to establish and maintain the world (a living statue)

As a result, lives have no secrets at all.
Lives are everything we have.
Sacrifice if it worths.
Never if it's not

Lives come from birth.
Love is an attempt to sacrifice.
By rearing us until death, "unconditional love" can only be granted by the God (in this case, a Conscious Earth)

It's nothing new if you can make up your minds.
"Except the Earth. Nowhere else."
Who has contact with her before must know

In an era of rationality, live and death is a process only.
Life is a process only.
We have everything

Our blanks (or desires) can be filled within a time(-line)

"You may not me."
We're one because of this big family (our planet Earth).
In my opinion, globalization is a final stage of evolution of the entire planet (all living organisms inside this biological entity).

We're different, but one.
Harmony inside a planet.
We're not rivals.