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Inappropriate Manipulations from the God

Illusions and witnesses are so alike. Eyewitnesses can seldom be found.
The God abused the GIFTED POWER FROM BIRTH to enforce her will on us.
Many people are being forced to enter “silence”.
Because the God is invisible, the manipulations become more and more serious.
The power of the God is irresistible. At the same time, the God was BORN TO BE.
In another word, MORTALITY is not guaranteed.
How many people have to die before the God confess

The stubbornness of the God has already trashed our world.
Almost everyone knows that this subject, which manipulated our world, really does exist.
However, many of us think that she is only a freak by bottom heart.
Why a BILLION-YEAR-OLD BEING become like that?
We now have 925 million living in chronic hunger and AT LEAST 1.1 billion lack water access.
Should we wait until two thirds of us have no water (and no food) by 2025 (according to the UN predictions)?
When should we start to discuss the behaviors of the God instead of in the books?
The God is going too far away from the charity and love taught by the churches

At the end, we will find everyone know that the God exists but she is only a freak.
Then the God is only a monster with gifted power from birth and forced all those who are telling the truth into hospitals. Those who refused to compromise go mad.
This is what really happened in our world.
Why don’t you speak out for the truth?
The world is only a planet and all lives are possibly end with it.
It makes our planet a joke when we continue to avoid talking about real things in the real world

Psychology must have close linkage with the presence of the God.
The God abuses the ability to communicate with us

In this Christmas, try to think about our future.
What would happen if we continue to hide the truth?

I have noticed contradictions in your religion

Charity and love of the God are being revealed by the number of deaths in developing countries

The God denied the physical presence and it resulted in disaster – population bloom, exploitations of natural resources and overproduction of consumer goods

The physical presence of the God allows us to understand the nature the universe. The natural role of the humankind is the life cycles of this planet. The biosphere will eventually come to an end and the regenerations of the Earth must not be infinite. It explained the absence of lives on the nearby planet. It keeps our natural role and each planet itself is a higher level of lives. Hence, their biospheres have already ended

It is ridiculous to see people admire the God for their own fortune and forget those living in hell on the other side of the Earth. Soon the water and food shortage will spread to developed world. We have the evidence from the UN statistics. Only one person dares to speak out in this planet. You see how worse the situation is. The God manipulated our world by the GIFTED POWER from birth. Power does not equal to mortality. Every opponent was FORCED to compromise the God’s will. Otherwise, they have illusions. It is a TYRANNY

Look at the crown on Jesus. Power has corrupted the God.

I grow and learn, and found out that billions are living in hunger. By 2025, two thirds of us have no water. I found out that the God abuses the gifted power from birth (the ability to communicate with us) to create psychology. Putting those refused to compromise into the hospitals. I found out that consciousness can be fully explained by neuroscience. Then we come to the conclusion that physical presence always come first. I found out that most of us are unaware of our position in the universe. Religions are already heritages, but they still have great influences on our cosmology. Compare the Earth with a mother cell. We realize that the biosphere is the life cycles of this planet. This is a discovery. I feel like holding a globe to persuade the barbarians. “The Earth is the mother cell. Compare the most basic unit of lives with its structure. We have the clues of how the hierarcy of lives work.” I repeated endlessly in many forums. The God is the manipulator. If she refused to confess, the humankind (life cycles) can hardly bring it (the past concept of the God in religions) down. The God must have made so many mistakes. The denial of her physical presence is fatal. It will push the population to the limit and our societies will continue to use all resources to produce consumer goods. The physical presence of the God has located our NATURAL ROLE in the universe. The truth gives us the sense of danger (to realize that LIFE CYCLES will eventually end). It completely changes the mindset of the public. We allow capitalism to stay, but invest most of the resources to do the right things (to slow down the aging of this planet / decaying of the biosphere by increase the government sectors / efforts. The government can mobilize more resources than any enterprise).

To achieve this aim, we have to let the public to realize the truth. Neuroscience has already explained “consciousness”. Physical presence comes first. We compare the Earth with a mother cell and get the clues on how “lives in different levels” works. If the societies continue to hide the truth, we are no different from a “barbarians planet”. The world will end with hate (against those who try to hide the truth including the God herself).

The origin of lives is actually “a-live”.

For those who suffered from the abuses of the God
Teru Wong

My speeches have to be firm in order to speak out the truth. Everything has to be so straightforward in order to avoid meaningless arguments on “words / terms”. I regarded it (Lives in Different Levels) as a discovery. The quarrels on “consciousness” have been solved by neuroscience. Hence, souls must not exist. The problem in this world is too much people talking too much other things and created imaginations. Long ago, people said that “Religions (Imaginations) are opium”. I respect religions as HERITAGES from both the God and our ancestors. Our world will never have progresses if there are no one speak so firm and point out the NATURAL ROLE of humankind. It is always easy to compromise (act like a sheep). If I do not dare to speak out and learn to be humble, psychologists will tell you that the whispers of the God are “illusions”, you (or any of your family) will have to take drug and suffer from the side effects. Again, I repeatedly saying that no “subjects” are equal and their experiments are invalid. It is a common knowledge. However, neuroscience has solved the problems of consciousness (end the empty talks on souls). It shows us that physical presence always comes first. Then we compare the Earth with a mother cell (a new biological perspective put forward by me). We immediately realize our “natural role (position / everything was born to be)” in the universe is the “life cycles” of this plane

You, humble scientists and philosophers, please kindly read through all these. I am confident enough that you will soon find the nature of lives (lives have hierarchies) must work. It is the ultimate answer for all religious and philosophical debates.

If consciousness cannot applied on soul, soul does not require memories (See Alzhemier’s disease. It is not an intrusive disease but the damages of the brain tissues). Then soul has no memory, no immediate response to the outside word

It is much more logical to look upon the Earth as a supreme being (lives in different levels). By applying biological principles onto the planetary level, we can find out the origin of lives more easily. Instead of the empty claims of “souls” in religions, we can figure out how the God (the real physical presence is the planet and the presence is correspondent to the cell nucleus) takes the advantages of the GIFTED POWER from birth. Lives have hierarchies. It depends on scale. Lives are everything (ranged from nano to cosmo). To be more specific, the Earth is a “supreme being” to us but a little blue dot only in the universe. The arrogance of the Earth to try to turn the clock back (preserve religions) and DENY the physical presence is wrong on so many levels it is almost funny. If my scientific hypothesis is correct, it is the truth every world (all lives – life cycles - end with it) must have. We are barbarians if we still fail to realize our natural role (life cycles of this planet) after 5,000 years of civilizations. If the God (the Conscious Earth) forces all the opponents of the religions to the hospitals, this planet is not as good as we may think of. The discovery of the hierarchies of lives must be the largest progress in our history. Please think twice before you comment on this serious attempt. I welcome opinions to develop this hypothesis and spread them in public forums (and other networking tools).

Many thanks for your suggestions

Books cannot save humanity unless we solve the basic needs of lives.
Don't you have the same feeling when you are sitting in the library, staring at piles of books on the shelf, but there are nothing helpful to the billions living in hunger and dirty water

The situation must be worsening with population growth (it already exceed the limits of the Earth) and the aging of the planet (or you can refer it to the worsening global environment). We can only see more and more people died in famine and unclean water in this century

What we need is a change. To achieve this, we have to let the public realize our natural role (the life cycles of this planet). Evolution has given us higher intelligence. It did not change our natural role. Humankind is a part of the biosphere.
We have to pull the resources (both natural resources and human resources) from producing excessive number of consumer goods back onto the right track i.e. the delay of the aging of this planet. Especially the latter one, many jobs are useless if you realize we are actually the life cycles of this planet. We are not doing the right thing. The priority of the life cycles of each planet must be delaying the aging of their own planet. If "Lives in Different Levels" really works, our world is mentally ill in this stage.

Please read these two lines below. They may keep you awake

1. Alzhemier's Disease is not an intrusive disease. In another word, memory rely on the neurons in our brains. Physical presence always come first.
2. Neuroscience has fully illustrated the states of minds by the activities in our brains. Hence, the most basic definition of lives cannot be applied on souls. The so-called "soul' has no memories and no interactions with the outside world

Religions are valuable heritages from both the God and our ancestors. The reluctances in information have created religions. The God also takes the advantages of the physical differences to magnify such imaginations.

The fundamental question is that the manipulation from the God and the teaching of the churches are bulwarks for our planet to enter the final stage of development. It is symbolized by (1) the elimination of all supernatural beliefs and (2) the scientific approaches to fully explain our world

First, the God has overwhelming power over us. It has been reflected by all religions and human history

Second, the natural roles of the God (the nucleus – manipulator – of this planet) and the humankind (the life cycles – biosphere) have fully satisfied our current circumstances and human history. This scientific approach (to apply basic biological principles into the planetary level) is the only way to explain the occurrence of lives on the Earth

Third, we have no evidences for undefined objects, ghosts etc. The most important is that souls contain no memories and are not self-conscious. It does not worth to die for a book – the Bible. If it happened, it will become really a classic in the universe. As a bachelor in history, I can tell you that it was written within 2,000 years. We have everything required for a scientific approach to illustrate the origin of our world. That is the similarities of lives. Lives are lives in different levels. A higher level of lives gives birth to the lower ones. It has fully explained the occurrence of lives on the Earth and the absence of lives on the other planet by pointing out the natural role of human beings (biosphere) as the life cycles of this planet. By comparing the most basic unit of lives (the cell) and the Earth, we have the clues how hierarchy of lives work

If most of us have denied this scientific hypothesis, this manipulator (the so-called God in all religions) will become illusions forever. When the life cycle has finally come to an end, all of us will hear a voice talking about heaven and hell. Everyone will look upon this voice as an illusion. It is a forseenable ending of this manipulator. Our world will end with hate (against those hiding the truth). Please consider it as a serious warning. There are records in the search engines. Moreover, I saved and uploaded all my conversations on the online forums for the future development of this scientific hypothesis

Do not blame on language barriers. A native English speaker is very arrogant to refuse questions by saying, “I do not understand”. You are keeping us away from the truth. The intention of the God and religious people to turn the clock back is the same as murdering all of us

What I have done is using my real identity to let the public to realize the truth in the electronic platforms in order to delay the time (death is an in
evitable cost for every living thing).

Life has a start. There must be an end.
Aging can only be slow down. It cannot be recovered.
By comparing the Earth with the mother cell, we have the full picture on the nature of lives.

“Lives in Different Levels” is a universal hypothesis. It is different from atheism. The God exists. Instead of the supernatural beliefs, the hierarchy of lives is a much more reasonable claim for the existence of this subject. If this scientific hypothesis failed, this subject will become illusions forever. When the life cycle finally come to an end, this subject may whisper into everyone’s minds and talking about heaven and hell. However, we will laugh at this subject (the God in all religions) and pretend to have illusions (according to its meanings in psychology). This is foreseeable

Religions are not convincing enough to persuade the new generations to accept the existence of this subject. We have to find another way out. The scientific approach to her existence can also stop the exploitations of natural resources and put all human resources back to delay the aging of the Earth. If this attempt failed, the relationship between this subject (the nucleus) and humankind (the life cycles) will never be found. It will lead to the tragic ending of our planet. The God will become illusions forever. Eyewitnesses are impossible. Nothing out of the natural rules

“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce” Our planet does not have a second chance

We are indivisible – the nucleus and the life cycles co-exist as a unity.
Everyone was born to be

I have no offenses. I am talking about the possible future.
Welcome to have a look on My Vision