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03 Sep 2010
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QTE: "Writing what a witness said is Heresay. It is thrown out of court. It's not even considerned as eviednce for a minor crime (except small claims). Certainly it doesn't stand for proving who was the Messiah, a virgin biorth and a resurection from the dead.

As for speaking wiht witnesses, we are all said to be witnesses of Chrict. The Church says so. But none of us are eye witnesses, neithe rMark nor Luke nor Matthew's testomony, nor St. Paul. There is only one possible eye witenss and that is John IF he were an Apostle. One witness doesn't make a case."
A Chinese Idiom "Paper cannot wrap fires."
Those who compromise become witnesses of the Churches.
Otherwise, they go mad.
The power of the God is a gifted power from birth.
The methodology of the God to manipulate our world is a series of torturing (both mental and physical suffering).
To achieve an Utopia (an ideal of the God herself),
To enforce her own objective views,
We are being distorted and fixed into a general picture "our world / this planet".
It is neither denism nor a new religion.
It is the truth that many of us know, but they don't know how to disclose it.
Compare the Earth with a "Mother Cell".
A higher level of lives gives birth to the lower ones.
Her natural role is correspondent to a "nucleus".
The candle of lives is in fact a-live.
The Suffering Servants are actually the life cycles.
We have no ways but to follow our destinies (the God's commands).
Her wrongdoings become illusions.
Another Chinese Idiom best to describe the behaviours of the God:
"Deceiving yourself is deceiving the others."
If philosophy isn't talking about the truth, reality, our world,
all the talks empty and are imaginations only.

Truth is all around us.
Ancient people do not have the technology to prove the existence of the God – or this subject – who manipulated our world from the very beginning until the end.
Any personal subjective thoughts cannot defeat a fact. It is the reality that the God exists.
Human civilizations lasted for 5,000 years. It would be a very sad story that nobody ever come up to speak for the truth

A bloody nose won’t help to control the time.
Time is a linear thread and it can never be distorted.
Meanwhile, the natural rules are the rules of everything

Nothing out of the circle.
All the well beings and the wrong-doings of this manipulator (the subject that has been portrayed as the God in all religions) are being reflected inside this giant ball (our world / this planet). At the same time, the God has to bear all the consequences with all of us.
The above is already the truth of our world and it is not empty assumptions.
Instead, it is an obvious fact which supported by everything around us.
It happens in our daily life

Why nobody stand up for the truth?
Religions are established because of the physical differences between the God (the manipulator / the conscious planet) and the human beings.
They all have merits inside.
However, the global situations continue to be worsened.
Now we have malnutrition happened in estimated 1 billion populations.
According to the UN report, we have 3 / 4 of our total populations facing medium to high stress of drinking water by 2025.
The climate changes also bring great impacts to global food productions.
Over-population is a fact cannot hide. We have 70 billion people by the end of this year and the figure is increasing

The physical presence of the God – the conscious Earth / the manipulator of our world (this planet) – has been exposed by our technology. However, technology is not the solution of everything. We cannot even solve the problem of desertification – a long term imbalance of our ecosystems. Hence, it is very hard to change the atmospheres of other planets to make them a possible place for habitants. Correspondingly, human beings are only “life cycles” of the planet Earth. Life has a start. There must be an end. We cannot escape from reality. If the truth is hard, accept it by rationality

Philosophy will only become high sounding nothing if ones have no basic understanding of the nature of lives.
Lives have hierarchies. A higher level of lives gives birth to the lower ones.
Lives are the fundamental principles of our universe

Philosophy must never become high sounding nothing.
If it all comes from our imaginations, it is only a novel.
Discoveries are not inventions.