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11 Jan 2010
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Time is a thread. No matter lives have already come to an end or not.
Time is eternal at present. Then, we may not have the past. No wonder we have no hopes in future.
Time never begins. A pause still depends on the length of time

Steps take time. A process of thinking causes much of our "lifetime". Time is very long. Therefore, we're capable of thinking. Time is too short because we're dying. Steps are progresses

Living things and non-living ones share the common characteristics of decaying (aging in biology).
Growth through time.
Creation in minds.
Actions in reality.
Time is the thread giving cohesiveness among each of us

The real thread through a timeline gives us history. The past decided the present. The present gives us reality. Hopes are future; every decision does matter in the future
for all of us.

Time goes by; "live and death" is a process only

Does ending of a living being mean beginning of the others?
The cycle embedded in our universe may not be the one in a planet. Without time, life means nothing. It costs nothing. It may not be valuable any more

Time cannot be chased. It's non-reversible. Thus, it makes us mean more then non-living. It may not if you failed to think about the meanings of life. Treasures make us enjoy. It makes many become lazy. Thinking (minds) may beautify our lives. Otherwises, it turned into slavation

They are not contradictions.
These two opposites are processes in the same (time-)line only

The issue is simple.
It's simple because of reality.
It may not be the case in your minds, their minds and my reality

Reality varies from one to another.
Truth is something you can see.
Thinking too much does not preach yourselves guilty.