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Teru Wong (Teru)
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22 September 2009

Sorry. Due to some personal stuffs, I do not have time to read through all the posts. There are a few points that I would like to clarify here.

Once the remains of plants and animals have been buried, the Earth cannot regenerate. Things we buried in the reclamation lands will become land wastes (or fossil fuel – if we still have time). In another word, the regenerations of the Earth lay on the Biosphere. (Please refer to my diagrams illustrating the application of FOOD CHAIN on the life cycles of our planet Earth. Available at & Although some scientists look upon desert as a landscape, it is not. First, it takes a long time for the formation of deserts without any human interruption. Second, it is not reversible. Therefore, it is logical to look upon desertification as a process of aging (with reference to my hypothesis). Human settlements have misled our scientists.

According to my hypothesis lives in different levels, her NATURE must be Charity and Love. However, manipulation of her gifted power from birth to enforce her wills on our civilizations. Her ideals have not been fulfilled because these common values (her ideals) can easily be destroyed by herself. She trashed them during controlling our world by her gifted and irresistible power from birth and manipulating our systems by her intelligence. As I used to say, “Desires may have driven her away.” Our world was established on her ideals (both concepts come up from her own and others initialed by our ancestor / ourselves). In my point of views, most of these concepts (including establishment of some religions) are acceptable because they trend to stress on the values of our bright (good) side. However, her ways to reinforce her concepts on our world may be INAPPROPRIATE (the details cannot be chased). IT IS SCIENCE. All Gods come from the Conscious Earth instead of any other illusionary figures.

Offtopiz (Sorry, I’m in a hurry): Recently, I have heard of a new cosmetic product in the TV commercial in Hong Kong. It highlighted the chemical components from the FUNGI “Selaginella Lepidophylla” (or the so-called “Resurrection plants”).

This advertisement, as well as their major selling point of this product, is MISLEADING the users.

As I mentioned before, desertification is non-reversible. The ability to “GROWTH” with little amount of water DOES NOT equal to “REBIRTH”. Furthermore, it is not a method to reproduce (even though it SEEMS to be). As a result, it cannot be a solution to deserts.

Please DO NOT neglect the power of desertification. According to my hypothesis lives in different levels, it is a process of AGING of our planet Earth.

Various religions (as well as their so-called "withnesses") are the evidences.
Differences in presence created imaginations.
Manipulation of our world is a thread.

From your birth until death, you have everything you need inside this planet.
Nature does not necessarily equal to BEHAVIOURS.