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01 Feb 2010
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If you're talking about the God, each of us may have different godnesses. It's the case that the concepts of so-called "God(s)" or "Godnesses" are heritages from various civilizations. It varies as history has given them different perceptions and explanations toward the same subject through time. It is coming to an end that the debates over the existence of such a subject, which we defined it as the "God(s)" or "Godnesses" are coming to an end. We have no choices but to accept that the Earth is our only "resort" in this universe. All the "truth (reality)" that we can see is that space migrations can never be achieved since we have to convert other planets into suitable breeding grounds. Meanwhile, we cannot solve the problems that our own planet is facing. For instance, desertification is a process cannot be reversed. This was proved by every single document and the public is totally blind to the risks. The eco-system of the entire planet can hardly be changed. The physical existence of this supreme being has not been testified since we have no clues about how to cope with it. Religions are the hints. Without any selection of materials, we can come to a conclusion that such a subject exists because of the survivals of many religions nowadays. In an era of modern world, technological breakthroughs allow us to have more factual understanding over the reality (outside world). Spirtual needs become "faiths" in our expressions. Their survivals are not just satisfactory of our own minds. However, it is the need for this God-like subject too. Differences in physical presences give us spaces for imaginations. 'Lives in different levels" is an attempt aimed at illustrating the whole system of our universe. By applying micro-biology (cells) into our planet Earth, we have reached a new understanding over the reality. Lives have hierarchies. The living organisms in different levels (including the supreme being - the Conscious Earth) are the only guiding principle of our universe. Imaginations are good for literature, but it's the worst kind of philosophy. Ones may admire the wisdoms of our ancestors and the merits behind religions. However, truth is always one. Reaity is the oustide world. Physical existence always take the lead. I am, therefore, I think. It cannot be vice versa.