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Teru Wong (kk23wong)
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19 Jul 2013

Religions always admire the well-being done by the God: Creation of human beings, salvation of lives.
However, is it the truth?
We are indivisible with the God. She is everywhere. Her images can be seen in all of our faces, bodies.
The God is obviously not "all-good".
We have wars from the ancient time till now. Wars have never been stopped since our ancestors.
Apparently, the God has involved in all these wars. At least, she has no intention to stop us.
Are the admirations of the God being considered as  "rational"?
The images of the God created by all religions are prefect, and are reflections of our imagaintions -- that's a all-good being.

Is the God really all-good?
What happen if the God is consicious like all of us?
I mean, the God has a will that similar to all of us, whom make decisions who is survive, intervened in warfares.
Can History show the God is all good?
History is the evidence.

What do you guys think?
Do you believe that the God whispered to some of us nowadays?
Do you believe that the God not only created the Earth and managed to stay with all of us till now?

Teru Wong

Philosophy without talking about the God is insane. The world is the masterpiece of the God. You can see the wonder through the mathematics everywhere in our nature. The influence of the God can also be seen in human history. The term "psychological problem" is definitely the wrong way that human being is now going too far from the truth. You have to appreciate the God for her creation of our Earth. However, there are something else that the God did to us.