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31 Jul 2013

To begin with, I hope all of you can be more open-minded. It sounds weird in daily life to talk about the messages below, but I think it is good to have such debates in a philosophy forum. The god I am referring to here is a Conscious Earth.

Human civilization has passed 7,000 years. The enlightenment and the Industrialization have contributed to our civilizations. It built up a rational society which depends on science. However, religious debates continue. The major reason comes from the mysterious voices. The source of such voices continue to brother many of us. Psychology is definitely a wrong way to go. It has covered the truth behind this source of voices. If psychology become more popular, human race will go further beyond the truth. The source of the voices come from the God.

The God is invisible because we are inside. The God is actually the planet Earth. Lives consist of lives in different levels.The universe created the Earth, then the Earth created us. The universes consist of the circles of different levels of lives. My hypothesis does not intercepted with the questions of "multi-universes", "time and space" or "big bang". It focus on the existence of an invisible manipulator who interfered with everyone in the history. This manipulator exists and has created some regulations. She decided everyone’s' fates. Even religions are the heritage from both our ancestor and this manipulator. Please allow me to introduce this manipulator as "the God".

You may wonder how to prove this subject. It is the most difficult point which stopped us from the truth. People may have think of a Conscious Eartha time ago before me, but they failed to put it forward. They failed because it is hard to illustrate the whole picture of it. Hence, it is a blank page in human history. It is rare to have chances to contribute to human history, so I decided to take up this responsibility. I will continue to research on this topic, even though it is unpopular.

There are a few points that I have already found out to prove the physical presence of the God is the Earth.

First, the atmosphere cannot be created with volcanic activities alone. No lives can reach the Earth through the atmosphere. Therefore, the atmosphere must have emerged in the very same time as the crust. Be noted that there are no scientific breakthroughs on the creation of atmosphere. "Nothing come out of nothing." The Earth contain lives at the very beginning. It match my assumption that the Earth should be seen as a giant organism as a whole.

Second, the absence of lives in other planets can be seen as a natural mechanism to maintain our natural role as the LIFE CYCLES of the Earth. The distances between each "living" planets are natural mechanisms to prevent us from migration. To be more specific, we cannot consume the Earth and migrate to other "living" planets. If this mechanism is out of order, our natural role will become more likely to be bacteria.

Third, it is the writing of bibles. Saints must have heard the God. They are witnesses of the God. They also proved that the majority of people hearing strange voices from their head is hearing the words of the God. However, the content of such hearing is not important. The God changes our fate by doing so. The attempts behind the voices vary. Hence, the content of the voices speaking to them can be diversified.

I hope it may help understanding some of my claim "the physical presence of the God is the Earth".What do you guys think?
Looking forward to hear some constructive opinions in this forum.

Teru Wong

Uccisore wrote:Is Mars a god too?

From my point of views, the Mars has lived once. The methods of measuring the ages of the planets are unrelieable. They are only assumptions. Mars may once cherished with lives a long time ago. It must be a long time before there are lives on the Earth. There will be more discoveries on Mars in the future. We would not be surprised if there were civilizations once exist on Mars. It takes time. No wonder Mars has been playing the role of the God as the Conscious Earth. I think it is great to have this hypothesis on Earth as every planet once existed in the universe did. The universe is so vast. It is large enough to have other living planets nowadays. Although they would be far from us, I believe there must be someone claims similar to my hypothesis. The planets are living thing, and the dead planets nearby is a natural mechanism to keep our natural role. By preventing us tio migrate freely from one planet to another, we are kept as the life cycles of our own planet. In this case, I am referring to the Earth. The distances between each living planet are natural mechanism to keep our live form. If lives were once existed on Mars, my hypothesis would be more solid. Then God is a name given to a higher level of lives. The hierarchy of lives would be the main principle of our universe.

V-OutOfTheWilderness wrote:The earth is the god.

The universe is The god.

That behind the universe is The God.

Perchance .....

I suppose you are referring to the hierarchy of lives. The God is a title given to the manipulator, a higher live form then us. We are animals with higher intelligence only. I think it is more logical that soul does not exist. Heaven and hell are both our own imaginations and the heritage from both the God and our ancestors. The communications (the whispers of our heads) between the God and us have created the imagination of an after life. It is also a comfort by the God to those who are dying and losing hopes. The God is a higher live form. The hierarchy of lives make more sense then angels, deamons and ghosts. The whispers from the God (a Conscious Earth) has contributed to these imaginations.

Teru Wong
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