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29 Jul 2013

We are animals with higher intelligence only.

The origin of such debates - the existence of souls - was generated by both imagination of human beings and the God. Live and death, so simple, people imagine because of fear. It is harsh to tell people who suffer from physical disability or pains that there is no souls as all. In another word, soul is a comfort. My only constructive and interesting view towards soul is that it is the comfort from the God. The God comfort people who are dying by telling them the story of an afterlife. It is a good attempt, but it also exposed the existence of the God. The God use power of communication with all of us - the whispers into our heads - to start all these.

The God also abuses the power of communication on criminals, which make criminals suffer from mental problems. Besides, the God also interfere our fate by doing that. That is the origin of schizophenia. It is the hints for the existence of the God.

Teru Wong
Beholder of the Truth