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24 Dec 2010
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“Lives in Different Levels” is a universal hypothesis. It is different from atheism. The God exists. Instead of the supernatural beliefs, the hierarchy of lives is a much more reasonable claim for the existence of this subject. If this scientific hypothesis failed, this subject will become illusions forever. When the life cycle finally come to an end, this subject may whisper into everyone’s minds and talking about heaven and hell. However, we will laugh at this subject (the God in all religions) and pretend to have illusions (according to its meanings in psychology). This is foreseeable

Religions are not convincing enough to persuade the new generations to accept the existence of this subject. We have to find another way out. The scientific approach to her existence can also stop the exploitations of natural resources and put all human resources back to delay the aging of the Earth. If this attempt failed, the relationship between this subject (the nucleus) and humankind (the life cycles) will never be found. It will lead to the tragic ending of our planet. The God will become illusions forever. Eyewitnesses are impossible. Nothing out of the natural rules

“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce” Our planet does not have a second chance

We are indivisible – the nucleus and the life cycles co-exist as a unity.
Everyone was born to be

I have no offenses. I am talking about the possible future.
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