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Teru Wong (kk23wong)
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02 Jan 2011

The absence of lives on the nearby planets can be an evidence to support the following argument: The natural role of the biosphere is the life cycles of each planet.

Distances between each living planet are out of purposes. It aims at preventing the “life cycles” from other forms of living. If the living organisms in the biosphere of each planet could migrant freely, their form of presence would be more likely to be “bacteria”. In the meantime, the biosphere of each living planet will compete with each other. Despite of the time lapse between their births, such kind of competitions has been eliminated by their distances. The natural mechanism is perfect. The evolution (it refers to the process of growth) of the universe has resulted in the absence of lives on the nearby planets. Hence, it is justified to say that “Every planet is a single world, and all lives end with it.” Life cycles will eventually end. This is too harsh that not everybody can accept. However, “Truth is always one.” The hierarchy of lives has revealed the interconnections among the structures of the Earth. By looking upon it as a unity, we soon understand that the first cell come all at once.

If the Earth herself is the first cell, the hierarchy of lives must be solid. It exposed the nature of the universe. What do you think? Is it a discovery? Is it an empty claim?

If almost everyone denied this assumption, the God will become an illusion forever.
This is the cost the God has to pay for the abuses of her gifted power from birth (the ability to communicate with us) to manipulate our world. Besides, this planet is very strange if we cannot figure out the nature of lives with the present technology level.

How about the others? If the above doesn't make sense, the empty claims such as ghosts (souls), the supernatural God in almost every religion and space migration seem to be more practical. The hierarchy of lives (Lives in Different Levels) can fully explain the Earth - our world - from the very beginning up to now.