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10 Jul 2013

I have not recieved formal trainings of philosopy since I was majoring in history. I think philosopy is the pathway to the truth, the ultimate truth behind our world. For instance, it covers the question of the existence of the Gods. Such debates are much easier to get start in philosophy insteads of science. Science can be a tool to help proving the validity of an assumption in philosophy. Hence, science and philosophy have never been seperated. “Philosophy is the science which considers truth” Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC) I think I am getting close to the truth by pointing out there is a god manipulating our world. However, I have no ideas if this manipulator - the god - created our universe. He / she may be different people. The one who created our world is different from the one who manipulated our world.

Meanwhile, religions concern too much on "beliefs / believe". It is an authority which is hard to argue with. Philosophy provide a good channel for the debates of the God, so I began to be interested in philosophy. Online philosophical forums are good place to deepen ideas and re-organize our ideas into words. Philosophy allows me to continue my quest in the God. I have developed a new cosmology. That is " Lives in different Levels". I put forward that the physical presence of the God is the Earth. It really sounds weird, but I have explanations for the claims in my websites. I am excited that the truth (that I have expected) can be found through the search engines.

Teru Wong
The end will never be an end