An Introduction to My Artwork
Art is an art, it can be Philosophy.
Philosophy cannot be Arts.
Ph-li-lo-se Philo-so-phy,
Languages are for communications, but not restrictions.
Vowels can do.
Sing the Love in your heart if you would love to.
Emotions have to be found in lyrics.
Words are only words if you are meaningless.
Life should not be doubtful if you have faith.
The love and charity of the God do not lie on her names.
If you pray, listen to the sounds in your heart.
Sounds can be silent. Silence can grow.
Her confessions are not to anyone, but herself.
You confessed, the God must know.
She knows you feel guilty.
She gives you everything throughout your life.
She rears me up to six.
She is my only mother on the Earth.
A Philosopher can be an artist.
An Artist may not be a Philosopher.
The simplest the languages I speak of,
The more the meanings inside.
"I think, therefore, I am."
I have plenty though.
As a Philosopher belongs to the God,
As an Artist belongs to the humankind,
I swear to the God, for the continuation of the mankind,
I am going to tell you the truth.
Giving out your live is a meaningless action if it does not worth.
Giving out your love is a meaningful action that will certainly beautify our life.
A real man of glory does not rely on his words, but his actions.
A real philosopher must not speak out of emptiness.
Truth lies on my words. If Truth does not lie, I did.
Maybe she.
Love is a Comfort.
Male is a Comfort if you are an orphan.
You will know how valuable my words are, in history.
I will show you by the will of the God.
"The Queen has fled to the Netherland." I heard someone.
The wars are on-going at the western front in Germany.
The King may never back.

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