Chapter 1. Your Majesty
The Queen can be a Queen of England.

The Song is a song from the Knight.


If the Knight is coming to Britain, glory will be with him and the Kingdom.

Destiny must be fulfilled, fates are in our hands.


“Open the Gate, if you still have hope.”

"Everyone will, no one else."


The walls are too high for academic freedom.

If the walls are protection, the ones inside the walls may also become the prisoners.


“I have nothing but the sword of the Truth. You have a shield, but you fear of being hunted down.”

Truth is always. Fears come from birth.


“Your men behind the wall will be safe, because they are already dead.”

Although Standford is NOT safe, Oxford and Cambridge are.


“The Last Knight of the city states, duel with the boy for the honour of your school.”

Politicians should never be in schools.


“Hunt me down, you will have it.” I expected.

Their fears of the God have turned out to be a jail of a young philosopher.


The Gate still closed.


Confession of the God is an introduction to the ken-chur.

Chapter 5. A Hundred Men


My artwork is a combination with my philosophical views and scientific discoveries. To be more specific, Reality, I must say. The Lord has his destiny, so am I. Fates are in our hands. Still, our lives are inside. The Earth is our mother. To preach her charity and love, I hereby declare myself as a Lord of the Truth. Art is always free. Truth is inside my words.


A hundred men crossed the straits of England.


The King is fighting on the Western Frontier with three thousand men.

Germany is going to be fallen. Russia advanced in the western front. The sword of the King should never be bloody.


The Bear died.


The Lord cannot find his dearest friend.

The housekeeper is not keeping the house well.


France has Paris. He should have listened to the Lord.

The master should be a master in school. He want Paris. Philosophers should never speak out of emptiness.


Biological weapons have killed a hundred and fifty.


Nuclear bombs should not be the Axis.


My dearest friend, where are you?


Loyalty to the King, the Lord does not have any choice.


The God has stopped speaking to him.

The Lord is peace, not wars. Savour has his position. He should know his place. His mum is our mother.


The Holy Bible is a journal, he knows because he has one written by himself.

Listen to the “Sounds of Silent”. Silent can grow, because of birth.


"She is my mother." In fact, she did.

“In fact, she is always talking with me.” The Lord is her beloved son.


The Lord should not hold the sword of a sin. Lord Wellington

The Cross itself is a Sin, but it has been forgiven.


 Chapter 16. The End

should never be an End.


One Day, false sciences will kill us all.

This day will not be long.

As below.


The Mathematicians spend their whole life on a question does not exist.

As below.


"You have my words." the author said.


See my 'Research Project' by visiting the 'Science',

and the 'Solution to "Infinity" in Mathematics' in the 'Other Publications'.


kon-don-la ya-ku-si lei si-ya-da,
ma-tei lu-ra,
If vowels mean something, you can speak.
If vowels mean anything, you cannot read.
If vowels mean nothing, you can ask.
It is a war of scholars.
By the Truth Teller in the Holy Bible

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