A Manual to the Bible
Published on 12 August 2009
Cohesions not in sequences, but in a line.
Time is linear.
A Manual is a manual, may not be something else.
I heard someone. "I don't want it to be."
"It will be."
"I am hearing from you."
Pay to your heart, you will be heard as you did.
The sounds are not the one you heard, but me.
The Bible is a journal of conversations with the God.
I know, because I have one written.
The teller in the Holy Bible. The truth-teller of the God.
Beginner the God and with her end, brings us ours.
Sounds are not silent, silence belongs to us.
You have ears, but cannot listen.
You have eyes, but cannot read.
You have faith, but you doubt on it.
Destinies of us, destinies by her.
Fates on your hands, it can be mine or anyone.
Destiny and fates,
Like the God, always be with us.
Secret of lives does not exist, not until I have told you.
You know because you are reading it.
Discoveries are not inventions.
A Manual to all religions.
A Manual can never be a piece of arts.
A Manual from the God.

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