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27 October 2009
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Ozone DEPLETION recovered in year 2006 (revealed by the NASA report in the post). Such kind of RECOVERY in this specific year may not be a good sign as most of the scientists have expected.
General belief in the past of an ozone HOLE (which caused by human destruction) is non-sense. The temperature of the poles should have effects on BOTH of them. However, such kind of cause-and-effect relationships is not the case. The absence of ozone at Antarctica is definitely not a hole since it can be RECOVERED. Instead, it is a natural mechanism of self-protection. Variations in temperature must have influences in changing the global system as well as the ozonosphere. Increase in temperature favors the land settlements. Therefore, the occurrence of ozone does not come out of a sudden. It is not confusing if you look at the EARTH as a unity. A cell holds a "channel"(ozone hole) to the "outside world" (outer space) on a "cell envelope" (ozonosphere). The INTERCONNECTIONS (via channels) among the layered structures of the Earth are still controversial. It is difficult to spot these “channels” out.
You see the orbits from the sun, presence of water and atmosphere are no longer reasonable for the occurrence of lives on the Earth. Please be noted that BIOSPHERE cannot be separated from this planet. The presence of a supreme being without violating natural rules (i.e. lives in different levels) is scientific enough to convert our supernatural beliefs. I repeat, "It is definitely not an exchange concept." A new hypothesis gives us a wider horizon of our universe. Be scientific. Rational discussions are expected by our serious scientists

Desertification has been attached to my scientific hypothesis, "lives in different levels". Such cohesiveness laid on a logical proof that "the Earth is a biological entity".