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20 November 2009
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Quote, “Projected growth linked to sustained progress in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatmen

The projected population trends also depend on achieving a major increase in the proportion of AIDS patients who get anti-retroviral therapy to treat the disease and on the success of efforts to control the further spread of HIV. In the 2008 Revision, the impact of the epidemic was modeled in 58 countries where adult HIV prevalence reached 1 per cent or higher at some point during 1980-2007 or where the number of people living with HIV/AIDS was at least half a million in 2007. Among those 58 countries, 38 are in Africa and 15 had an adult HIV prevalence of at least 5 per cent in 200

2008 Revision of World Population Prospects: Key Finding

. . . . . . 19. Increasing longevity also contributes to population ageing. Globally, life expectancy at birth is projected to rise from 68 years in 2005-2010 to 76 years in 2045-2050. In the more developed regions, the projected increase is from 77 years in 2005-2010 to 83 years in 2045-2050, while in the less developed regions the increase is expected to be from 66 years currently to 74 years by mid-century

Department of Economic and Social Affairs (Population Division), WORLD POPULATION TO EXCEED 9 BILLION BY 2050: Developing Countries to Add 2.3 Billion Inhabitants with 1.1 Billion Aged Over 60 and 1.2 Billion of Working Age, available at

With shown in the data above, the Earth cannot barely sustain our population within this century

The regeneration of the Earth cannot recover with her loss. As I recalled in a recent scientific finding, consumption of the world population is over 4.5% out of the regeneration. This is an amazing figure

Over 80% of wealth in 20% of countries (not even population). Production of food can no longer reach the overall expenses of our total population. Belief (enthusiasm) in technology/science cannot cover the population growth

You see people suffering from over-population now

Money is no longer a decisive factor because of the over-crediting that contributed to the collapse of our currency systems. Control of resources by wealthy countries (developed countries)

You see donating functions in broadcasting. You think the wealthy class is so mean.
They're not

In fact, they save your lives. Some of the intellectuals already acknowledge it

When they donate those under-developed countries with plenty of resources, it may turn out to be a famine in their homelan

A fact in silence. A fact that the public properly don't know.
A fact I want you to know (in my Contemporary Lun-yu).