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Teru Wong (kk23wong)
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06 September 2009
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Philosophy cannot be a “cartoon” as those you saw on screen.
Philosophy is not a movie as those you have in mind.
Philosophy is reality. (Though it’s harsh, accept it by rationality.

“A-victor” can be a film. We made ourselves in history – reality.
Actors in history are dramatic because we have their passions in our blood.
It’s more than fine art

The more simple the words, the more simple you are.
Then, they must come from your bottom heart.
Words are speaking. Words have meanings only with tale to tell

“I have a long tale to tell, Your Majesty.”
“It is not very long. It is long for telling. Truth is always one, Your Majesty.”
I heard someone, “Philosophy is not a speech from the God.

Now, it’s mine

History is art. Then, wars in history must be her conflicts in heart.
I’m nobody. In anywhere else. Inside your heart.
When one day, I’m inside our dreams, this will be very close to the truth.
A Judgment Day not by anyone. (Beware. It has no connections with any religion sect.)
Science has told us the reality. It cannot be something else

Lives are everything we have. Lives are everywhere.
Time is linear. We fill it with meanings

If my tale were an avatar only, this would be a sad one.
If not, let me make ourselves in history.
Only if we can sustain for longer

Quote (Albert Camus): “The rebel can never find peace. He knows what is good and, despite himself, does evil. The value which supports him is never given to him once and for all."

Teru Wong
You-th, Rebellious, Rebellions.