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29 August 2008
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Formation of the Earth does not lay on rocks.
Changes of landscape are caused by volcanic eruptions and plate movements.
Changes in rocks cannot give us a clue of the formation of atmosphere

The Earth is a unity. Biosphere cannot be seperated from the Earth.
A common conceptual mistake caused by our arrogance.
Differences in presence in-between animals and plants because of a brain (a central nerve system), which responsible for thinking.
The first cell does not come from space.
It belongs to the Earth (or it probably does not exist)

Other beliefs are unscientific.
An hypothesis fully-explains everything - an universal mechanism based on natural rules.
The Earth is "growing" because of the evolution of species (i.e. organisms inside). She is a supreme being within the boundaries of natural rules


Cell divisions is a process of growth.
Bacteria exists in every biological entity.
No living things are virus-/bacteria-free

Presence of water would not necessarily give you an atmosphere.
An atmosphere would not be given by the orbit.
Plate movements are not.