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08 Oct 2009
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Lives have no secrets. Not until I have told you.
Lives are lives in different levels.
Lives are living

Otherwise, we are already in museum

Walls may be too high for academic freedom.
Languages may be barriers for cultural exchanges.
Qualifications must not be monopolies of knowledge

The public has the rights to know the truth

A planet is a higher form of lives.
A planet will come to an end eventually.
A planet is dying because of a natural process of lives

Imagination is different from creativity.
Telescope may be too far, how about a microscope?
Microscope is not for manifying a problem

Biologists should accept an enlightenment.
Scientists are mudering us by their imagination

I am here for a question, Mr. Richard Dawkins.
It is a friendly request.
For a BETTER world.

A question for him

Does every living organism on the Earth belong to this planet?

Teru Wong

Sorry. Are you a philosopher

As I used to say, "Philosophy MUST be real(istic, because it is not a high sounding nothing.)"
Blankets for scientists

I am referring to a Conscious Earth, a higher level of lives

Evolution is a process of growth

How about the ORIGIN? (A substance to start with. Lives give birth to the others.

My hypothesis is a new one.
All scientists have the responsibility for OUR DEATH if they denied that PLANETS ARE LIVING OBJECTS

History repeats itself. Galileo should never tell others that the Earth is not the center of the universe.
History will tell (if we still have enough time).
Open your eyes. Free your minds.

Scientists. Kinda Funny

The Earth is not a crust. You have an atmosphere.
The Earth is not just a place with a street name.
The Earth is a living object full of living organisms

Ingorance? It comes from our scientists

"The Public has absolutely no clues. Teru, planets are just rocks. Our world was created by SUPERNATURAL power. In which, we are still searching for an answer in our laboratories." Can you bear the consequences

THINK TWICE! What will happen to all of us if planets are living objects

By the way, I am asking Mr. Richard Dawkins in his forum.

Are you Mr. Richard Dawkins

I am talking about EVOLUTION. Any idea

If you are one of his students, you would better leave the question for him.
Please don't let Mr. Richard Dawkins be disappointed.

If it is the case, our world is coming to an end. If the Earth is a living thing, what happened to US after a century

Think about it twice, "Do living organisms belong to the Earth?

Let me make you in history, Mr. Richard Dawkins.

I am here for HIM, not the others

Philosophy is not something for scientists to have fun with.
Everyone can be a philosopher.
Not every philosopher can be a thinker

1. Evolution from simple to complex forms of species on the Earth is an Evolution of the planet itself.
2. Living organisms need a substance to start with. We are not space arrivals.
3. I repeat, "Planets are living objects."
(Don't be a fool to break these lines down. Read them in cosequences.

You guys all understand what I am talking about. Wait for HIM to answer

Do not make yourself become a FOOL

Denying the truth of knowledge turned you to be a TRAITOR of knowledge in history.
Especially when you’re hiding the truth from the public for your glory as a doctor or whatever.
You are murdering 6 billion people for your ARROGANCE and ignorance to the TRUTH

History will say, "Walls of universities are too high for him. Arrogance of Doctors make them like a fool. Billions of people have been mudered by so-called 'scientists'.

By the ways, a Doctor will not make you in history. Your school is losing fame for denying the truth by nonsense.
"You know who I am, why I am here and what I'm here for."
Take out your last courage. I am waiting for YOU.

You make yourself a fool in history.
By breaking my words down, you will never be benefited

Can Mr. Richard Dawkins (an authority in Biology) BEAR THE CONSEQUENCES for denying the Earth as a “conscious living object”

Academic subjects divided our world into segments.
The Earth is DEFINITELY not a ROCK

Take this serious

Reputations of a scholar reveal the nonsense of the people at the time being.
Reputations of a scholar come from the God. (Then) History will give me an answer.
I am executing the WILL OF THE GOD because we are all going to an end by our imagination.