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7 December 2009
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Differences in presences (of the God and the humankind) have created religions. Worship of fire is only a reflection of scary scenes that horrified our ancestors. Some of the religions were established by both the God and us. In which, their details cannot be found. Numerous religions have a principle idea that allows people to follow. Their guidelines taught people how to behave well. Such kinds of religions are more likely to be those established by BOTH.

Perception of people usually depends on their experiences. Everyone is unique, but they are different in details. Experience lets them grow. Indeed, they have different views and comments toward one thing (partially due to the subjects they are majoring in). Fire is an energy. Science is a way to explain things in a logical way. As I mentioned before, “consciousness” have been solved by “how to explain sleep?” in neuroscience. (Off-topic:   human beings may still be conscious for a few days after the doctors certified death. That is the real reason why organ transplant is not encouraged by Churches.) I absolutely agree with the idea that the World is a unity (as you stated above). My scientific hypothesis, “lives in different levels” is referring to the universe as a whole. However, it is completely different from deism or other theories of singularity. The universe is a unity because of lives. Lives living inside the others. A mother cell give birth to the lower levels by cell divisions. The Earth is definitely not a rock because of the first cell (that probably does not exist) did not come from the outer space. The only logical reasons account for the occurrence of lives is that the Earth herself is a biological entity. Rigidity of our technology takes time. History “tells” because time is running short.