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Don Coorough (Shoreline Driftwood)
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20 December 2008
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Where was this God before God created the universe
A "being" comes from "none". A 'being" born in "none". The origin of our universe is "birth"

Why does there have to be a place where God resides, or at least resided, before God created ‘God’s home?”
The God and us are family living on the Earth (a home). Co-existence on the Eden garden on the Earth. Utopia is a DREAM. An HEAVENLY KINGDOM on the Earth needs contributions from all of us.

God as a Perfect Being(?)
Perfect is an ideal. The "upward" trenf is one of our "merits" and natural "desires" that come from birth. Admirers have gone too far. Advices are more useful.

God as Eternal (?)
Beginner the God, and with her end, brings us ours. The God is eternal only if we still exists. Time is linear. A timeline makes us more worthy.

What would that particle of light look like?
Scientists is getting closer (in a You-tube video produced by NASA (more likely to be a "Discovery Channel")

God as an All-Knowing Being Who Granted Humans Free Will (?)
An " omniscient " God is valid because we are inside. Lives living out inside another. Our births are being blessed. Free wills are being revealed by our fates". Destiny comes from the God.

God as a Being Who Has a Plan to Allow All Humans to Ultimately Join with God (?)
As above.

"All notions of God which exist arise out from the long evolution of humanity pondering on the mysterious." - Don Cooroug
Mysterious in a way that details cannot be found. Religions established by both the God and us share a common characteristic of magnificent ideas of "charity" and "love". (Buddhism is a mental state only.

“If it turns out that there is a God, I don’t think that he’s evil. But the worst you can say about him is that he’s an underachiever.” - Woody Alle
Lives are proofs. Reality WILL give us an answer.