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19 November 2009
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"Justice delayed is justice denied" - William E.Gladstone.
An origin delayed is a lie. A discovery that may not be FOUND is an origin denied.

1. All truth is relative (in another word, it varies from one to another).
2. All truth is an ultimate one of each question (i.e. as I used to say, "Truth is always one.")
3. All truth cannot be denie

All truth are lies.
Lies by different races/religions & every-/any-one in periods of time.
Liars are liars in time.

Truth is a teller in history.
Truth-teller of a Conscious Earth.

All truth is one.
All truth must be an ultimate one in each question.
All truth are lies in times

Lies because of differences (in presence/races/religions)
A wise man will not ingore the existence of the reality.
An outside world gives philosphers a place for rest.

Our words give others a moment of peace.
She knows me. You think you know the God.
The God must be omniscient.