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“Viewed from the landscape patterns in the artificial oases, the number of the landscape patches is reduced by the compatible phenomenon, the size of the landscape patches is enlarged, and the variation and the diversity of the artificial oases are reduce

.  .  .  .  .  .  It is not enough to analyze the stability of an oasis only from its internal structure, an oasis should also be regarded as a whole to research its stability, namely to research the interaction of the oasis and its surrounding deserts. We used the cold-island effects (formula 3.1 in this article) of the oasis to measure this interaction.

(Fig. 2 in this article) Annual participations are around 100 mm and 400 mm per year (counting from 1961- 1996). - Note (1

“In this now widely accepted system, extremely arid lands have at least 12 consecutive months without rainfall, arid lands have less than 250 millimeters of annual rainfall, and semiarid lands have a mean annual precipitation of between 250 and 500 millimeters. Arid and extremely arid land are deserts, and semiarid grasslands generally are referred to as steppes.” - Note (2

Note (1) – Luo Geping, Chen Xi, Zhou Kefa and Ye  Minquan, Temporal and spatial variation and stability of the oasis in the Sangong River Watershed, Xinjiang, China, 12 April 2002,

Note (2) – USGS Publication Service Centre, What is a Desert?, available at, last modified on 18 Dec 2001

From the above data, Oasis is being classified as a “isolated system” (cold-island effects) with the supplies of underground water. Desertification is a process cannot be reverted. In which, you can refer to the data of precipitation above

Reputations are meaningless unless you have contributions in reality.  Lives in different levels gives us a clue of the formation of the universe (the origin). A scientific way has widen our horizons and gives us a new direction of development

The Earth is our only resort. Green Movement is a trend. It must be our future.

Understandings need patience. Knowledge needs mind

"The Earth is a-live" (or Lives in different levels) may become an impressive quotation for pushing environmental friendly policies and technology

The point I need to stress in my previous post is that desertification is an evitable process of aging of this planet. In which, it cannot be reverted. Oasis needs underground water. We can only establish an independent system inside the heart of deserts with little influences on the precipitations. Results depend on the sizes of the oasis. It is a common sense, although many people have not.

“No one ever said that life, or anything, lasts forever. Many have said, "life has start. There must be an end", not just you.”

I suppose you do not believe in any religion.

“Earth has had deserts and desertification 100s of millions if not billions of years ago, when she was much younger. Therefore, desertification is not a 'symptom' of an aging planet, it is simply a process that occurs.”

Desertification is a process of aging.

“The metaphor that the Earth is similar to a giant cell with the atmosphere like a cell wall and the oceans like cytoplasm is an old idea, it's not 'yours', and it's not a scientific hypothesis, it's a romantic notion, an analogy, not a hypothesis. Are you suggesting that the liquid and solid iron/nickel core of the Earth is a cell nucleus that is going to divide and reproduce through some kind of macro-mitosis? Taking the outer layers of the Earth with it to make a duplicate copy?”

Unfortunately, they failed to put it inside the textbooks. I am referring to the Earth as a biological entity. Find out the “Frequently Asked Questions” in my journal:

Atmosphere comes from the outer space (Please refer to “Ozone – a natural mechanism of self protection” in my journal). Meanwhile, “the first cell” did not arrive at the Earth. The Earth herself (as a unity) is the first cell.

You also process cell divisions during your growth. You have life cycles in your body.

Human beings are full of themselves. We are murdering our mother-in-common (our planet Earth) as well as our future generations by OVER-CONSUMPTIONS and OVER-POPULATION.

Geology told you the formation of deserts and the Ice Ages. The formation of deserts shared a common-characteristic of an inevitable / on-going / non-revertible process with the natural process of every living thing (i.e. aging).

Cell split and diversified through time. Time is incredible long while we are only the "life cycles" of a planet.
Cell divisions can be internal.

My Journal offers you scientific approaches to the origin of the universe by data

For Full image:

Scientists, please take a look at the deserts from satellite.
I am not asking you about "how". I am asking you about the time.

Individual contributions are useless, unless we can save the Earth together now.

"Desertification IS reversible. It happened in the past on scales you couldn't even imagine. It happens now. It happens all the time.

Geology tells you one thing. Desert is expanding. After the process of aging (desertification) completed, our planet Earth will die. In another word, the life cycles (i.e. Biosphere) of the Earth end. The Earth will turn to a place similar to the Mars. I cannot imagine the scale of education worldwide. Many people are lack of common sense (no offenses). We always talk about how to turn the world a better place. Our contributions are useless unless the Earth can survive

"And once again, your website, journal, CV and portfolio combined do not have one single scientific fact.
Why are you dodging countless calls to prove your ‘science’?

Understanding needs minds. Thank you for your patience.
The only logical reason for occurrence of lives on the Earth is that it is exactly the "first cell".

Desertification takes time. Of course, it affects the surrounding areas / borders. Dust storm has attacked some of the major cities in north China. One day, you step out of your house with mud on your face and ask, “Why? This is not the principle desert areas.”
Desertification is an on-going force (as I have stated before, it is a process of aging). Before the process is completed, food and water supply may have already run out

You see Al-Gore mentioned one of the latest scientific finding that the Garcia in north pole is going to melt every summer in around 7 years later. You may not think of the lovely bears, but you have to consider about our children. What are you studying for (without any common sense)

Some said that my English is “bra, bra, bra”. How about my scientific hypothesis “lives in different levels” that will possibly bring balance to every environmental issue by pointing out that “the Earth is a biological entity”

I am thinking about our lives. You are thinking about our death

Space journeys worth only if we still have the future. Be rational. I don’t mind crossing with everyone because most of us still do not understand one rule, “We do not have any hope if environmental problems continue to grow."
We spend a lot of time on working. We want to make a better living. However, we seldom think of our future in long term

The Earth is exactly the first cell since no living organisms can make the journey through space to arrive at the Earth. All other beliefs are UNSCIENTIFIC.

Science is not good only if you cannot think of it.

1. Layered (cellular) structure of the Earth is cohesive instead of separated.

Volcanic eruptions cannot give us an atmosphere. It comes from the outer space.
However, no living organisms can enter the atmosphere from the outer space.
Not a single cell can survive in the outer space outside of the atmosphere.
Therefore, the so-called “first cell” must enter the Earth after the formation of atmosphere.
In this case, the interconnection in-between the space and the Earth is solid.

2. Ozonosphere (with the function of protecting the Biosphere) is a natural mechanism of defenses. It does not come out from none. Otherwise, what make the Earth different?

3. Desertification cannot be reversed. Humor should not be excessive.

Don't you understanding

Layered (cellular) structure of the Earth is cohesive instead of separated.
Volcanic activities (i.e. Crust) cannot produce our atmosphere (even gravity holds the "cell").
It must come from the outer space

However, no living organisms can enter the atmosphere from the outer space.
Meanwhile, no cells can survive in the outer space OUTSIDE of the atmosphere.
Then, the so-called “first cell” must enter the Earth AFTER the formation of atmosphere


In this case, the interconnection between the space and the Earth is solid.
The Earth must contain the "first cell" in the very beginning.
Our planet Earth must contain "first cell" when she was born.
In another word, the Earth must be a biological entity

Otherwise, no living organisms can be found on the Earth.
No living organisms can be reproduced without another one (or the initial one).

Others may argue that the above only prove that the Earth must have “first cell” in the very beginning. It does not necessarily mean that “lives in different levels” work. Natural rules cannot be violated because it comes from birth. For instance, women give birth instead of men (without interruptions of modern technology). You may argue that this depends on DNA or somehow other scientific terms. However, the source of such a so-called “natural” mechanism must come from “birth”. A common blind spot (or imagination) is that there must be a designer to start all these (natural mechanism). However, the origin of lives can be a living thing herself. Natural rules are inviolable because the one whom start all these is a “mother cell” (a supreme being) that gives birth to all of us by cell divisions. The universe is exactly the “mother cell”. Whilst the Earth and other planets are “daughter cells”. Lives have hierarchies. The daughter cell then carries out the natural process of growth (i.e. evolution). This is a completely new concept based on the fact – the “first cell” must be the Earth. Cell divisions can be internal (inside a living thing)

Some may argue that, “the first cell is not the Earth but a single cell inside the Earth in the very beginning”. Then, who put it inside the Earth in the very beginning? As a result, “lives in different levels” is a universal hypothesis that fully explained the origin of lives. Other beliefs are unscientific. The origin of lives on this planet is our mother cell (the Earth).

Then, desertification cannot be reverted (I repeat, oasis is an independent system “cold-island effects”). By applying the hypothesis “lives in different level” onto the Earth, desertification is a process of aging. As I mentioned earlier, supplies of clean water and food will probably run out before it has accomplished.