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Don Coorough
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10 November 2009
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"Laws to limit the amount of carbon emissions will not save humanity from itself. Mystery
 and reconnection with nature and with each other are the only avenues to a satisfying and rewarding future." - Shoreline Driftwood

Humanity is not the only way to save ones from suffering. Humanity inside our physcial
presence. Humanity creates our civilization on the Earth. Laws on carbon emissions have different methods of calculations. Morality is a common agreement of the people nowadays. Harmony with nature saves our civilization from extinction. Humanity survive as human beings do.

Teru Wong

As I used to say, “Conflicts in heart. Wars in history.” You have another story in morality.

History repeats because of mistakes. History does because of greed. History tells because time is running short.

However, your descendants 100 years from now, when they take possession and control of the world you bequeath them after it has been devastated by Climate Change, will not agree with you, and they will write in history books about the arrogance and narcissism of the people of this age who were willing to destroy a world because they could not and would not give up their conveniences and pleasures, and further, were unwilling to modify their machines to operate off more sustainable sources of energy.”, Don Coorough

An old Chinese proverb saying, “A boat over water. Water may cover the boat.” Although contribution by individuals is useless, the FORCEFUL wills of the people have says.

Arrogance of all. Arrogance created by civilizations. Barbarians beneath the civilized OUTLOOKs. History tells nothing because of a total extinction that can be foreseen in the coming century.

Science can do. Intellectuals can help.