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11 September 2009
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Illusions during you're still conscious.
Illusions without physical existence come into an end immediately.
Illusions in a mirror is an illusions of time

Time passed. A real life (live) likes illusions.
It just flys away like the time passed by

Consciousness like sadness in eyes.
Consciousness in philosophy means thoughts.
Consciousness in mindless philosophy is only a sign of time

Philosophy must be REAL. Ones willing to start a revolution of knowledge in our world.
Glory always be with the one close to the God
The one who determined to change the worsening situation of the Earth.

A candle of lives is more than a-live

Consciousness in all living things. Consciousness of the God gives us a place of rests.
Philosophers have the freedom to choose.
We make philosophy REAL (practical), els

Philosophy is only an old-school thinking.
Time passed by. Philosophy survived.
Changes in time. Changes by history

Philosophy is not high sounding nothing

Quotations make you weak.
An online website can do:
You need religions' quotes?
An online website can do:

How to make ourselves useful

A hypothesis makes me "REAL". Live in different levels.
A philosopher needs a main theme.
Otherwise, philosophers may have no contributions.

1. What is Consciousness

I have come across a book in the public library today. The title of this book is “Neuroscience”.
A chapter named “SLEEP” – How to explain sleep

J. Allan Hobson and Edward F. Pace-Schott, [url]The Cognitive Neuroscience of Sleep: Neuronal Systems, Consciousness and Learning, available at

Philosophy talking about “consciousness” is HISTORY.
Communication ended with academic subjects

2. What are we

Selfishness embedded in our genes.
Selfishness because of physical presence.
Selfishness created hostilities

Struggles in heart of the God created wars.
Conflicts in our heart created uncertainty (worries) of the future.
We are animals with higher intelligence

Wisdom makes us proud. Arrogance comes from non-sense.
The world is too large when we're only life cycles of our planet Earth.
Lives are lives in different levels

Everyone was BORN to be

3. Similarities of Live

We are different, but one.
By sharing the same origin. We're, therefore, a unity that cannot be ceded.
Lives are cycles. Cycles of ones' live

A-live inside others.
Cell divisions give us birth

We are a family of the same origin (the Earth).
We may be friendly because of our stances.
We are different because of 1. time, 2. destiny (from the God) and 3. fates (in our hands).

Spiritually, you are always free

A search needs a purpose. A searching for a purpose is not a way of proving its existence.
A search for the meanings of life never end. It ends with death. The lust for knowledge is passion for living

Asking “how” is an action of animals with wisdoms.
“Animals” is an old-school thinking. Lives are different in details. In the meantime, it is an unity

An answer to a question is always one, even though we have different angles (often because of our experiences).
When the day (death) has arrived, you looked back. You will have your own answer.

Life is (a) treasure.
Experiences let us grow.
Life is an experience of whatever you have come across.