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21 September 2009
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A live eats live for treasure. A life without another is companied by loneliness.
A-live without desires is not pure (or should I say, "supernatural")

A pure live has desires. A pure live has everything others may tresure or suffering from.
A live out of lives is unecessarily have emotions

Merits can never been found in a "non-living object".
The God has merits, plenty.

Desires come from birth. A live living inside another gives love and charity.
Desire inside. Wars outside of yours. A war in history.
Desires may have driven the God away. A slavation without souls

Admires become arrogance.
Admirers make others suffer.
Advices make our world a better place for living

TIME is limited. Linear in history. A liner live in a 3D-imensional space

Outside the Earth. Inside the space.
Outside our bodies. Inside the Earth.
Lives are lives in different levels

Inside you. Outside mine. Selfishness embeded in our Genes.
Self-ness of the God is "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" to all of her children.
A mother cell gives birth to the others

A live outside another is nothing more than lives.
Words of the G-ds give you intelligence.
Words of mine gives you awareness

Wakened by simplicity. Simpliciy inside complexity.
Complexity of our world within a simple law -- Lives in different levels.
Towarding an "End". A growth from simple to a more complex Earth

Wakening of the God. Contributing to the world by warning others.
The Earth exists throughout our history.
Eternal the God, and with her end, brings us ours.

 "True I didnt read every single page here so apologies if this has been stated, but perhaps the event that caused all things to exist was initiated by a source that we now refer to as god but maybe, like us, god was less evolved back then and that our combined and increasing spiritual complexity is in turn making god more and more complex.

I put this in a profoundly confused way. Is there a philosopher or religion that expresses this concept better or at least more poetically?"

It would be a very good quotation for others

Every religion has a God. The God is one.
Complexity in growth. Simplicity of lives.
Our world is always changing. Still the one

The God may not be the one they used to know

 "Buddhism says the source of the Universe could be a singularity or God but it is unwilling to comment on which one it is.

Singularity is the God. Presence have told you the truth.
Others are OUR thoughts.

"Obviously there must be something uncreated because of the infinite regress otherwise involved. It could be anything at this point: God, a Godless universe . . .Oprah even. The concept this question assumes, perhaps prematurely, is causation (called here "creation") and it is impossible to answer the question if we first don't have a well-formed idea of what that is. Causation within logic can be implication ("-->" asymmetrical entailment) or biconditional implication ("≡" symmetrical entailment) and within math is often thought of as rules of inferences threaded from prior axioms to subsequent theorems, at least within an algorithmic approach like that of David Hilbert

Different people have different angles. Some questions only have ONE solution.
Dominance because of the truth - Lives in different levels

Infinity seems to be a myth. It is more likely to be a concept.
A timeline can do. It cannot be blend.
Let "infinity" be "zero". It is an index only

See - "Solution to 'Infinity' in Mathematics" in this forum by visiting the link:

"Those are conceptual forms of causation, but in talking about something causing or creating something else, we are going beyond concepts into things. Initial states, laws, and subsequent states, usually invoked when discussing the way reality progresses, are concepts that are respectively isomorphic to axioms, rules of inference, and theorems, and therefore the same dynamic applies to both of them. I say all this BS because it is interesting to note that the "laws of reality" and "rules of inference" as they are commonly conceived are of a different nature then logical causation. Logical causation can only occur between two statements that are materially alike but only differ formally, conveniently illustrated by De Morgan's Law ("not" "P and Q"-->"not P" or "not Q"). In this case, the statements cannot contradict in truth value as discerned by a truth table. Laws and rules, on the other hand, are casual relationships" happening between things materially different such as one space-time event which proceeds another

Creations by wisdoms

“Alone among all creatures, the species that styles itself wise, Homo sapiens, has an abiding interest in its distant origins, knows that its allotted time is short, worries about the future and wonders about the past.” - John Noble Wilfor

Space is 3D-imensional. Inside the space station with the Earth behind, you come across a sphere with gravity.
Adding up the time becomes "forth'
The "Black Hole" gives scientists an unlimited imagination

Dreams are beautiful.
Dreams cannot be discussed when we're awake.