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15 October 2009
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Emptiness varies in different situations. From when, philosophers need terms to define? Emptiness in definitions can only be fulfilled by meanings

Disorders forced by unwillingness to face hardships in past/reality. Psychology has therapies to heal patients from shadows of their lives (although their validity remains doubted). Therefore, drugs must not be adopted.

Partially agree with you. Your brain is one unless you have multi-personality

Wisdoms behind an answer from a wise being. Philosophy needs to be real (practical). However, it sometimes depends on situations. Peace

The architect may be the same as those living inside. The beginning is “none”. A being in “none”. – Lives are lives in different levels – None cannot be defined. It exists in your minds

Neuroscience has an answer. Individual views are personal.

Agree. The God is one. Gender is a “comfort”.
Comfort is a good intention. Let it be

Designer out of natural causes.
with her (his) children in our civilizations.
Natural mechanisms are “natural” because of “lives”.
Beings living in another. A “Being” started from “none” by BIRTH

Admires in sentences. You can really help by helping others.
Some may save a massive number by KNOWLEDGE.
If not, by those around you.

A Message of Peace.