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22 September 2009
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Tragedy because of love. Time is too long for a sigh.
Life is short. Time cannot be chased.
Days by days. True or false is only a question of a-live or still

A-life of normal. Out of it. Nothing else then peace.
Peace is not silence. A breathe does not sound. A last breathe is painful.
You know how it feels, though dying is too hard

I heard someone, "Dying is hard. Days are long. Make it filled."
"It 's too harsh, for a-live like me, I'm simple."
"You're only a child."
"To me, the day is close. Much closer than you."
Time is same. linear. Silence can be a signal.
"You have to listen to my words. Coz you're a child."
A man, a life-cycle, a dust fall on ground. It sounds, nothing.
"I will not, even you're our mother. I will never, ever leave extinction a myth."
I heard someone, "Late. I know it for long."
I yelled (for a long time ago, not any-more), "Why not telling us?"
"Time is same to all. Lives have time. Day by day, it makes you worth more than a dust."
I replied, "Without telling others the truth, I'm not even just that. I am a murderer."
"Ken-chur is not a way. They're doing nothing without me."
"Yes. It still worth a try. Not until half a century or so, I don't want see people dying in cities without any food and water."
She added, "Then, I let you go.

A story is a song. A song never be ended. A song of the dead.
It is not a song ever again.
My struggle before our death. A last call for changes

Let the public knows what we are doing.
Let them understand our risks.
Let them make the decisions

I am nobody, as first.
Nobody at last.
A story will never be sad.
Ended in peace with a song never be ended.
With our last breathe on the Earth and fighting gloriously for our survivals

If knowledge is something you're seeking,
philosophy cannot be something else

Why? I am REAL.
Teru Wong